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Examination documents

List of documents submitted during the examination of the Local Plan.

Please note these documents may not be suitable for users of assistive technologies, should you have any queries please contact the Programme Officer.  

Ref Date of document Title
ED1 20 July 2020 Inspector's note
ED2 June 2020

Wyre Forest District Council Green Belt topic paper (This document has been replaced. Please see ED20, ED20A and ED20B)



June 2020

3 July 2020

Wyre Forest District Council Housing topic paper

Wyre Forest District Council Addendum to June 2020 topic paper

ED4 June 2020 Wyre Forest District Council Viability topic paper
ED5 June 2020 Wyre Forest District Council Sustainability Appraisal consideration of alternatives: update
ED6 23 July 2020 Inspector's Initial Questions and Comments
ED7 31 July 2020 WFDC response to Inspector’s initial questions and comments (ED6)
ED8 August 2020 Statement of Common Ground between Wyre Forest DC, Bromsgrove District Council and  Worcestershire County Council (update of library document SD10b)
ED9A 15 April 2020 Cushman & Wakefield: Kidderminster East Viability Assessment
ED9B April 2017 Gerald Eve: Viability Assessment Lea Castle
ED9C August 2017 Cushman & Wakefield:  Review of Lea Castle Viability Assessment
ED10 April 2020 WFDC:5 year housing land supply report April 2020
ED10A April 2020 Appendices A-G to 5 year housing land supply report
ED11 September 2020 Council’s response to Inspector's Question 8 in her initial Questions to the Council (ED6)
ED12 April 2020 WFDC Engagement Statement for 5 year housing land supply
ED12A April 2020 Appendices to Developer Engagement statement - response to Inspector’s Question 9
ED13 16 September 2020 WFDC Cabinet Report on Section 106 Planning Viability Priorities
ED14 30 September 2020 Inspector's Examination Update Note
ED15 6 October 2020 Wyre Forest Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showperson Accommodation Assessment 2020
ED16 October 2020 Inspector's Matters Issues and Questions for the Hearing Sessions
ED17 October 2020 Inspector's Guidance Notes
ED18 October 2020 Hearing Sessions Programme
ED19 19 October 2020 Programme Officer letter notifying Regulation 19/20 Respondents of the hearing sessions




October 2020


WFDC Green Belt Topic Paper (replacement of June Green Belt Topic Paper ED2)
Technical Note 1 - Additional Site Assessments
Technical Note 2 - Summary of Site Assessments


15 December 2020

Inspector's further questions re  Gyspy and Traveller  provision


18 December 2020

Inspector's Update on the Examination


17 December 2020

WFDC Response to Inspector's further questions on provision for Gypsy and Traveller accommodation (ED21)

ED24 17 December 2020 Statement of Common Ground between WFDC and Canal and River Trust
ED25 6 January 2021 Cumulative impact assessment of Lea Castle and Kidderminster Eastern Extension sites
ED26 11 January 2021 Agenda item 3 from WFDC Cabinet Meeting held on 11 February 2020
ED27 15 January 2021 WFDC:  Table 10.0.1 Updated Employment Allocation Sites 1
ED28 15 January 2021 WFDC: Full Equality Impact Assessment LP v3
ED29 15 January 2021 Response by WFDC to Inspector’s query on Sustainability Appraisal v HELAA
ED30 15 January 2021 WFDC Paper on changes to the Housing Register v2
ED31 26 December 2020 Letter from MHCLG to Wyre Forest District Council re Future High Street Fund Competition
ED32 21 January 2021 CPRE Worcestershire proposed amendments to Policy 32
ED33 25 January 2021 WFDC  paper on Churchill and Blakedown Housing Needs Survey
ED34 May 2003 2003 Inspector's Report Wyre Forest District Local Plan review
ED35 May 2019 High Court 1R. (on the Application of Davison) v Elmbridge Borough Council
ED36 26 January 2021 Note from Dr. Peter King, CPRE Worcestershire on footpaths in relation to Site WA/BE/5 Catchems End
ED37 28 January 2021 Statement from Ms. Claire Wood following the hearing session on Matter 6 (v) rural Sites
ED38 23 January 2021 Images of Riddings Brook on 23.1.21 re Site WA/BE/1 Stourport Road Triangle
ED39 26 January 2021 RCA Regeneration following Matter 6 (v) concerning Fold Farm, Chaddesley Corbett
ED40 1 February 2021 Turley on behalf of Richborough Estates: WA/KF/3  policy 30.21 Land at Low Habberley— Anticipated site delivery trajectory 
ED41 5 February 2021 WFDC: Updated Housing Trajectory  February 2020 (updated Appendix F of document ED10A)
ED42 5 February 2021 Worcestershire County Council Pre-Application Advice: Station Drive, Blakedown
ED43 9 February 2021 Vectos on behalf of Taylor Wimpey  UK Ltd:  Kidderminster Internalisation
ED44 May 2016 Cornwall Council: Affordable Housing Trajectory Methodology 
ED45 10 February 2021 Rural Designations-Note on Rural Designations
ED45A 10 February 2021 Rural Designations- Rural Designation of Parishes with the District
ED45B 10 February 2021 Rural Designations- Bewdley Town
ED45C 10 February 2021 Rural Designations- Wolverley and Cookley Parish
ED46 22 February 2021 Inspector’s Note to the Council: Preparation of the initial draft schedule of Main Modifications
ED47A 2 February 2021 Barberry Developments Matter 4 Lea Castle Point of Clarification 
ED47B 2 February 2021 Wyre Forest Technical Note in response to issues raised by Barberry Developments in respect of analysis of the Wyre Forest Green Belt Review
ED48 29 April 2021 Wyre Forest District Council updated five year housing and land supply
ED49 May 2021 Response from Savills on behalf of and W4 Estates Gaynor Gillespie to the consultation on ED48 (open to those who submitted hearing statements for Matter 7)
ED50 9 June 2021 Wyre Forest District Council response to ED49
ED51 14 June 2021 Inspector's Update Note on Main Modifications
ED52 8 July 2021 Council note to Inspector on First Homes
ED53 July 2021 Schedule of Additional (Minor) Modifications to the Wyre Forest District Local Plan (2016-2036) (July 2021)
ED54 July 2021 Schedule of Appendix B map updates
ED55 July 2021 Correction note for library document SD03: Amendments to the Pre-Submission policies Map (this document is also in the Examination Library reference SD03A)
ED56 August 2021 Wyre Forest District Council Five Year Housing Land Supply at 1 April 2021
ED57 September 2021 Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications to the Wyre Forest District Local Plan (2016 – 2036)
ED58 August 2021 Sustainability Appraisal of the main modifications to the submitted version of the Wyre Forest Local Plan
ED59 July 2021 Schedule of proposed changes to the Policies Map (to reflect the proposed MM’s to the draft Local Plan
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