Examination documents

List of documents submitted during the examination of the Local Plan.

Please note these documents may not be suitable for users of assistive technologies, should you have any queries please contact the Programme Officer.  

RefDate of documentTitle
ED1 20 July 2020 Inspector's note
ED2 June 2020

Wyre Forest District Council Green Belt topic paper (This document has been replaced. Please see ED20, ED20A and ED20B)



June 2020

3 July 2020

Wyre Forest District Council Housing topic paper

Wyre Forest District Council Addendum to June 2020 topic paper

ED4 June 2020 Wyre Forest District Council Viability topic paper
ED5 June 2020 Wyre Forest District Council Sustainability Appraisal consideration of alternatives: update
ED6 23 July 2020 Inspector's Initial Questions and Comments
ED7 31 July 2020 WFDC response to Inspector’s initial questions and comments (ED6)
ED8 August 2020 Statement of Common Ground between Wyre Forest DC, Bromsgrove District Council and  Worcestershire County Council (update of library document SD10b)
ED9A 15 April 2020 Cushman & Wakefield: Kidderminster East Viability Assessment
ED9B April 2017 Gerald Eve: Viability Assessment Lea Castle
ED9C August 2017 Cushman & Wakefield:  Review of Lea Castle Viability Assessment
ED10 April 2020 WFDC:5 year housing land supply report April 2020
ED10A April 2020 Appendices A-G to 5 year housing land supply report
ED11 September 2020 Council’s response to Inspector's Question 8 in her initial Questions to the Council (ED6)
ED12 April 2020 WFDC Engagement Statement for 5 year housing land supply
ED12A April 2020 Appendices to Developer Engagement statement - response to Inspector’s Question 9
ED13 16 September 2020 WFDC Cabinet Report on Section 106 Planning Viability Priorities
ED14 30 September 2020 Inspector's Examination Update Note
ED15 6 October 2020 Wyre Forest Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showperson Accommodation Assessment 2020
ED16 October 2020 Inspector's Matters Issues and Questions for the Hearing Sessions
ED17 October 2020 Inspector's Guidance Notes
ED18 October 2020 Hearing Sessions Programme
ED19 19 October 2020 Programme Officer letter notifying Regulation 19/20 Respondents of the hearing sessions



October 2020

WFDC Green Belt Topic Paper (replacement of June Green Belt Topic Paper ED2)
Technical Note 1 - Additional Site Assessments
Technical Note 2 - Summary of Site Assessments


15 December 2020

Inspector's further questions re  Gyspy & Traveller  provision


18 December 2020

Inspector's Update on the Examination


17 December 2020

WFDC Response to Inspector's further questions on provision for Gypsy & Traveller accommodation (ED21)

ED24 17 December 2020 Statement of Common Ground between WFDC and Canal & River Trust
ED25 6 January 2021 Cumulative impact assessment of Lea Castle and Kidderminster Eastern Extension sites
ED26 11 January 2021 Agenda item 3 from WFDC Cabinet Meeting held on 11 February 2020