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Standards allegations

Arrangements for dealing with standards allegations under the Localism Act 2011

These “Arrangements” set out how you may make a complaint that an elected or co-opted member of Wyre Forest District Council, or of a parish or town council within the District, has failed to comply with the Authority’s Code of Conduct, and sets out how the Council will deal with allegations of a failure to comply with the authority’s Code of Conduct.

Under Section 28(6) and (7) of the Localism Act 2011, the Council must have in place “arrangements” under which allegations that a member or co-opted member of the Council or parish or town council within its area has failed to comply with that Authority’s Code of Conduct can be investigated and decisions made on such allegations.

Such arrangements must provide for the Council to appoint at least one Independent
Person, whose views must be sought by the Council before it takes a decision on an
allegation which it has decided shall be investigated, and whose views can be sought by the authority at any other stage, or by the member against whom an allegation has been made.

Making a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint, please write or email the form on our website to

The Monitoring Officer
Wyre Forest District Council
Wyre Forest House,
Finepoint Way,
DY11 7WF

It is also important to note that not every complaint that the Code has been broken will be referred for investigation for example:

  • If the complaint covers allegations that may be caught by criminal law, for example, assault
  • Is a private law matter, for example,  neighbour dispute or
  • Pertains to other matters where there are ongoing legal procedures.
  • Other circumstances, for example, where a councillor is not acting in an official capacity.

If the Council decides not to refer your complaint for investigation, we will give you the reasons for this decision.

The Monitoring Officer may request further information from either the Complainant, the Subject Member or any other persons the Monitoring Officer considers appropriate before reaching a decision whether a matter should be referred for investigation.

We will only contact you regarding this feedback.
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