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Please ensure you have checked documents you will need as proof before you begin.

Income and capital

Government rules say that if you (and your partner if you are a couple) savings or capital of more than £16,000, you cannot get Council Tax Reduction Scheme (unless you are in receipt of pension credit guarantee). If you have £10,000 or less, it will not affect your claim.

If you have more than these amounts it affects how much CTRS you will get.

We also need to know what income you have as this will affect how much CTRS you will get.

How is it paid?

Your CTRS award will be credited to your council tax account. A letter and revised council tax bill will be sent to you.

Please check the information in this letter very carefully. If there is anything you think is wrong, you must tell us straight away.

All claims are dealt with as quickly as possible. How long it takes to work out your claim depends on;

  • how quickly you send in all the information
  • how busy we are when you make your claim.

It is important that you continue to make payments based on your current bill while we work through your application. If you have overpaid this will be taken into account when working out your new payments.  

You can appeal if you think your CTRS amount is incorrect. 

Any changes you tell us about will be applied from the date the changes occurred.

This information is for guidance only. It does not cover all the rules for all the benefits for every situation, nor does it provide a full interpretation of the rules. It should not be treated as a complete and authoritative statement of the law.

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