Major Planning Applications

Major applications are often more complex than other forms of applications that we receive and require more extensive consultation with interested bodies and the public.

As a result of dealing with a more complex series of issues, the applications can take slightly longer to determine than a normal application (we have a 13 week target for determination) and often we will undertake a series of negotiations to resolve technical issues relating to the proposed development.  Some larger major applications may involve an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which has a 16 week target for determination.

What is a major planning application?

A major planning application is:

  • The creation of 10 or more residential units.
  • Residential development of on a site of 0.5 hectares or more (where the number of residential units is not yet known i.e. for outline applications)
  • Non-Residential development or change of use on a site of at least 1 hectare
  • Creation of change of use of 1000 square metres or more of gross floor space (not including housing)

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