Kidderminster Public Realm Design Consultation

Kidderminster _town _hall _public _realm _Variation _1As part of the ReWyre Regeneration Initiative, the District Council produced Public Realm Design Framework (PRDF) to provide a strategy for the future of public areas the town centre. The District Council worked with experienced public realm experts IBI Taylor Young to deliver this project.

The objective of the project is to redesign key spaces to improve their overall look, feel and function to make sure that public areas are being used in the most efficient way to suit a wider variety of needs as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Worcester _street _public _realm _reduced _v _Variation _1The PRDF provided a number of specific design improvements to areas of the town as well as providing overarching design principles for any future developments.  The District Council committed an initial sum of £300k in capital funding to invest in the public realm and used this as match-funding to bring in additional funding with a target of £1million for the implementation of a Phase 1 Scheme.

Read the Public Realm Design Framework - phase one.