Existing working age claimants

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Changes to your circumstances

How benefit is worked out


Changes to your circumstances

If you are getting Housing Benefit from us at the moment and something changes you must let us know. You should also check to see if you could get Universal Credit

Some of the changes that you must tell us about:

  • anyone moves in or out of your home
  • you or your partner's wages go up or down
  • you or your partner start working or change jobs
  • any state benefits that you or your partner receive change or stop
  • you or your partner start to receive a state benefit
  • the circumstances of anyone living with you changes
  • you or your partner's private pension goes up or down
  • you or your partner's savings go up or down
  • you or your partner have any other change which may affect your benefit
  • a change of address

If you are not sure if something will affect your benefit tell us anyway. 

If we have asked you for more information 

In some cases we will need extra information if something changes. If you have been asked to please complete a review form. 

Extended payments

In some cases when something changes, we may be able to give you an extended payment of Housing Benefit for up to 4 weeks. If this is the case we will let you know.




How your benefit is worked out