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Full variations to premises licences

If you hold a premises licence and want to make changes to it, you can apply for a variation of the licence.

If you are only looking to make small changes to the licence, that will not impact on the promotion of the licensing objectives, it may be possible to apply for a minor variation of the premises licence. Minor variations are subject to a simplified application process and a lower application fee.

Guidance on variation applications can be found on the GOV.UK website

To help make your application process run more smoothly, Worcestershire Regulatory Services now offers a pre-application assistance service.

Apply online

  1. Pay the appropriate fee via our online payment page. 
    To do this, select ‘Licensing’ and ‘Vary a Premises licence’ from the ‘Pay For’ drop-down menus. Complete the fields marked with an asterisk (*) and add the appropriate fee for your application. The fee to pay is based on the non-domestic rateable value (NDRV) of the premises and can be found on our fees and charges page. look up the NDRV of the premises. Application fees for premises that do not have an NDRV are Band A.

    Click on ‘Add’ to add the payment to your basket. Complete the required contact details and then click on ‘Pay Now’ to complete card details and finalise payment. You will be sent a receipt by email.

  2. Fill out the application form, making sure that you have completed all the required sections, and sign and date it. You only need to include the CHANGES you want to make to the licence.
    Download an application form to vary a premises licence

  3. If you want to add the sale of alcohol to your licence, you will need to name a person to act as Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) for alcohol sales. You will need that person to complete, sign, and date the DPS consent form.

    Consent to be designated - printable

  4. If you are changing or adding to the layout of the premises, you must provide a new plan.

  5. A copy of the current licence should be included with the application. A scan or legible photograph of the certificate will do.

  6.  Send the completed application form, current licence certificate, plan (if needed), completed DPS consent form (if needed), and receipt to

Apply by post

If you are applying by post you will need to send your application to us at:

Licensing, Wyre Forest District Council, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster, DY11 7WF

Application to vary a premises licence - printable

If you are varying the licence to seek authorisation to use the premises for the sale of alcohol, you will need to identify a person who will act as designated premises supervisor (DPS). This person must agree to being nominated as the DPS by completing this form:

Consent to be designated - printable

Advertising your application

The fact that an application has been made must be made public during the consultation period of 28 days beginning the day after a complete application has been properly made to the licensing authority.

There may be unforeseen problems with your application that prevent it being approved for consultation, so we would always advise you to wait to have the consultation end date confirmed by us before you advertise your application.

If you do not advertise your application as required by the Licensing Act then consultation will have to be restarted, causing delays in the issue of your licence.

Advertising at the premises

You must display a public notice at the premises for the whole of the consultation period. The notice must be visible from outside the premises and must be printed on light blue paper.

Public Notice Template

Advertising in the local press

You must take out an advertisement in a local newspaper that is available in the area where the premises is situated. The advertisement must appear in the press in the first 10 working days of the consultation period, and include the same information as the public notice.


A table of the fees that must be paid for applications under the Licensing Act 2003 can be found on our licensing fees and charges page

You can find out the non-domestic rateable value of the relevant premises by visiting the Valuation Office Agency website

Will tacit consent apply?

Yes. After the 28 day consultation period has expired, if no representations have been received from responsible authorities or other persons, then the licence is granted as applied for. We will issue the licence shortly after.

If there is a representation from a responsible authority other person then this will cause the application to be considered by the Licensing Sub-Committee. A hearing will be arranged within 56 days from the date the application is made.

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