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Empty properties

We need to understand what is happening with empty homes and encourage them back into use.  There is a shortage of available housing in the district with many people not able to find accommodation.

Empty properties are a blight on the community, they rapidly attract vandals, they can be a focus for anti-social behaviour and can affect neighbouring properties by causing dampness and other problems.

Empty properties are a financial loss to the owner, both in terms of income lost and money spent. Council tax must be paid, maintenance is required and problems can be caused by squatters and vandals.

By leaving your property empty you will lose money.  The cost of having an empty property in Wyre Forest district, including loss of potential rent, taxes, insurances and other charges all adds up to over £7000 per year.

Unnoccupied and insecure houses will be secured either by the owner or the Council.

Ultimately the Council has powers to force a property back into use or force the sale of problem empty properties. Obviously these measures are a last resort but will be used if there is no reasonable excuse for the property being empty or progress is not made towards bringing it back into use.

Empty properties strategy 

If the property needs repair to bring it back into use

We can:

  • Give you information on what work is need to bring the property back into use
  • Advise you on the sort of fees that may be likely for the works
  • Give you contact details for local contractors
  • Let you know if you can get any help towards the costs

If you want to rent the property out

We can:

  • Give you contact details of local letting agents
  • Give you advice on letting the property yourself
  • Let you know what your rights and responsibilities as a landlord are
  • Help you find tenants 

If you want to sell the property

We can:

  • Give you non biased advice 
  • Give you contact details of local estate agents
  • Give you contact details for local social housing providers who may be interested in buying or managing your property for you

This is not a exhaustive list, contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.  

Complete our empty properties online form to let us know of any empty properties.

What information do we need?

In order to respond to your enquiry or complaint , we need to know:

  1. Is it a Community Housing property? (ex-Council Houses) If yes, please contact the Community Housing Group direct on 01562 733000.
  2. Approximately how long has the property been empty?
  3. Is the property currently secure or is it open to vandalism/squatters? 
  4. Are there concerns over condition of property/garden?
  5. What are the owner’s name and contact details, if known.
  6. Please provide your name, address and contact details and whether you are the owner or a concerned member of the public or other.
  7. If you are the owner, we would appreciate knowing why the property is empty and what plans you may have for bringing it back into use in the near future?

What will the Council do?

We will try to contact the owners of empty properties. Help will be given to help them decide what to do with their property. This may be as simple as guidance on how to rent out a property, or to providing financial assistance to refurbish the property and rent it out.

If the property is causing problems to neighbouring properties or the community and the owner does not undertake their responsibilities, then we will look to a range of enforcement options and take formal action.

Report an empty property

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