Elections and voting

  • Information on the electoral register including postal and proxy voting.

  • Results from most recent elections and archived results.

  • Guides to take you through the voting process.

  • Find your polling station. 

Annual canvass

Each year we write out to all households to check whether we have the correct people registered to vote and to ask you to inform us of any changes. This year, as part of the Government’s canvass reform programme, we will be using data and electronic communication, such as email and text messaging, to make the process simpler.

This means you may receive a text, telephone call, email or letter from us asking you to check who we have registered and tell us about any changes.

This year’s canvass, which we have to carry out by law, is taking place during a challenging public health situation. We are working to make sure that we take account of public health guidelines, including the continued importance of social distancing. Please consider responding online, by telephone or text message wherever possible.

It is extremely important that if you are asked to respond to our message you do it as quickly as possible. This means:

It will save money for your council because we will not have to print and send required reminders

We will not have to send out a canvasser (which legislation requires to do for non-responders) to your property resulting in less risk of infection for us all

When do elections take place?

District Council elections - every 4 years. Last election - Thursday 2 May 2019. Next election May 2023.

Town and Parish Council elections - every 4 years. Dates vary by parish.

County Council elections - every 4 years. Next election May 2021. Last election - Thursday 4 May 2017. 

Police and Crime Commissioner elections - every 4 years. Next election - May 2021 (The election due to take place on 7 May 2020 was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.)

By-electionsIf a local councillor resigns or dies, the ‘seat’ becomes vacant and a by-election may be called to find a replacement. A by-election can happen at any time provided the vacancy occurs at least six month prior to the date for normal elections. 

Parliamentary electionsmust take place within five years of the previous parliamentary election, but can be called at any time. If an MP dies or resigns a by-election would be called. Last election - Thursday 12 December 2019. 

European Parliamentary elections - every 5 years. Last election - Thursday 23 May 2019.