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Second Adult Rebate

If you are a pensioner, and you are excluded from receiving a 25% single person discount on your Council Tax bill due to non-dependants living in your household, you can apply for Second Adult Rebate if those living with you who are on low income.

Second Adult Rebate is no longer available to working age people except in the case where the dwelling is occupied by a full time student and there is one or more second adults who are in receipt of income support, state pension credit, an income-related employment support allowance or income based jobseekers allowance. 

To qualify for a Second Adult Rebate the second adult(s) i.e. non-dependants must be:

  1. aged 18 or over
  2. not liable to pay rent to you and
  3. not jointly liable to pay Council Tax

To claim Second Adult Rebate you must:

  • Provide proof of your non-dependant's income
  • Provide your national insurance number, proof of it and two forms of identification for yourself.
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