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Do I need planning permission?

It depends on what you want to do. Some work is allowed without planning permission, this is called permitted development.

The Planning Portal has interactive guides for householders and businesses to help you identify whether your work would be permitted development. The Common projects page - on the Planning Portal can also help.

If you are still not sure if you need planning permission for your proposal you can use our permitted development enquiry service. to get a yes or no to whether an application would be needed. We are unable to comment on the likelihood of an application being approved. The cost for permitted development enquiries is £30.00.

Building regulations

Planning permission and building regulations are two separate things - even if your project doesn't need planning permission you may still need building regulations. For information on building regulations contact  North Worcestershire Building Control.

Listed buildings and conservation areas

We also offer pre application advice on listed buildings or conservations areas. There is a fee for this service. 

You may wish to seek advice from a planning consultant or submit an application. The Planning Portal has some information that you may find useful Listed Buildings - Other permissions you may require - Planning Portal

Pre-application advice 

If planning permission is needed for your development, we can provide you with advice before you submit a full planning application. Once you submit an application we will send you a response within 42 days.

There is a fee for this service - for household enquiries the fee is £42.00, for other developments please see planning fees. 

Exclusions to pre-application advice and common queries

Trees, woodlands and hedges

Works to trees with tree preservation orders or within a conservation area will need consent. Our tree advisory service may be of use to you before submitting a planning application. 

Dropped kerbs and Highways

We cannot provide pre-application advice on any Highway Matters, for information see Highways pre-application advice | Worcestershire County Council

If your road is designated as a classified road (A, B, or C classification) then you will need planning permission to have a dropped kerb. If you're unsure as to whether your road is classified, you can check online Searches and Adopted Roads: Classified and Unclassified Roads

More information on Vehicular Dropped Kerb | Worcestershire County Council

Boundary information

We are unable to answer any queries on boundary issues, we would advise you contact Land Registry. 


We cannot give advice on drainage issues, there is some information on drainage questions on our land drainage and flooding. 


You may need planning permission to change your front garden to hardstanding depending on the size of the area to be created - please see Planning permission - Paving your front garden - Planning Portal for more information. 

Running a business from home/working from home

We can give you a formal decision on any restrictions on running a business or working from home if you submit a pre application enquiry. We cannot give generic advice as each case is looked at on an individual basis. 

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