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Welfare support scheme

We aim to help vulnerable people with support where they are can't meet their immediate short term needs or where they need help to keep their independence or re-integrate within the community. We will work in partnership with other organisations to help people in the longer term to maximise income and reduce debt.

To apply for help please call us on 01562 732928.

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The areas of support that are available are:

Homeless prevention/help to stay in your home which may include:

  • Finding suitable alternative accommodation including in the private rented sector
  • Preventing homelessness through supporting you in your current housing

Access to items that will enable a tenancy to be sustained including any of the following;

  • Fridge
  • Beds
  • Bedding
  • Chairs/Sofas
  • Wardrobes
  • Pans, utensils, crockery and cutlery

Help with Energy Bills which may include helping customers in emergency situations together with providing longer term solutions to help with energy bills. If eligible, only 1 award will be made each year. Cash will not be given out and meter cards will be topped up accordingly or payments made direct to customer's utility accounts.

Help with Council Tax bills which may include:

Help with Housing costs which may include:

Basic financial assessments to determine whether there are any other organisations or support available to help the customer such as Universal Credit, Child Benefit etc. We will undertake a full income and expenditure calculation of the customer and their household to determine if they have any excess income to be used to meet all or part of the support requested.

We will also work with our existing partners who can offer the following support:

Food banks – vouchers/referrals to be given in crisis or emergency situations which will include key consumables for babies (e.g. nappies)

Money advice – referrals to CAB who can undertake a detailed financial assessment in order to provide a long term solution to a customers financial situation

Charitable organisations – referrals to be given in crisis or emergency situations

Support will not include:

  • Cash or cheque payments
  • Payments into an individuals bank account

Support will not be awarded for the following items or services:

  • A need which occurs outside the district of Wyre Forest unless the need is for a person who is in the process of moving into the district and that item or service will assist them with their move
  • An educational or training need including clothing and tools
  • Distinctive school uniform or sports clothes for use at school or equipment to be used at school
  • Travelling expenses to and from school
  • School meals taken during school holidays by children who are entitled to free school meals
  • Expenses in connection with court (legal) proceedings such as legal fees, court fees, fines, costs, damages, subsistence or travelling expenses (other than emergency travelling expenses when stranded away from home)
  • Removal or storage charges if the applicant is being re-housed following a compulsory purchase order , a redevelopment or closing order, a compulsory exchange of tenancies or under a housing authority’s statutory duty to the homeless
  • Domestic assistance or respite care
  • A medical, surgical, optical, aural or dental item or service (these needs can be provided free of charge by the National Health Service, if the applicant is getting Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, income related Employment and Support Allowance or Pension Credit)
  • Work related expenses
  • Debts to Government agencies or local authorities
  • Investments
  • Purchase, installation, rental and call charges for phones
  • Mobility needs
  • Holidays
  • A TV or radio, or a licence, aerial or rental charges for a TV or radio
  • Garaging, parking, purchase and running costs of any motor vehicle except where payment is being considered for emergency travel expenses
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