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North Worcestershire Water Management


At best, sandbags can only be relied upon as a temporary measure, so where there is a regular need for some form of defence we suggest a more easily deployed barrier or another form of property protection is used. For more information contact North Worcestershire Water Management or contact the National Flood Forum for independent advice and information. The Environment Agency has also produced a useful sandbag leaflet, which is available to view on their website.

In the event that flooding is predicted sandbags will be available from:

Bromsgrove District Council

  • The Depot, Aston Road, Bromsgrove B60 3EX

Redditch Borough Council

  • Cross Gates House, Crossgate Road, Farm Industrial Estate, Redditch B98 7SN

Wyre Forest District Council

  • Beales Corner, Bewdley
  • Dog Lane car park, Bewdley, DY12 2EF
  • Vale Road car park, Stourport, DY13 8YJ

Effective use of sandbags

Place the sandbag horizontally with the neck twisted and tucked underneath. Stamp it down to ensure it is well bedded in. Layer the sandbags in a brick formation, ensuring the joints are staggered, to avoid water leakage and to create a stronger defence.

Disposal of sandbags

Once provided or obtained, the local authority does not collect used sandbags, and responsibility for their removal and disposal lies with the resident. Below is some information on how to best dispose of used sandbags.

  • Wherever possible, please store full sandbags which have not come into contact with flood waters in a dry area. These are able to be used again in the future. Often, more than one flooding incident can occur in quick succession.
  • Should you not be able to store full sandbags, they can be emptied and the pile of sand can be dug into your garden, and the bags, if kept in a dry, shady space, can be refilled when necessary.
  • Sandbags will disintegrate overtime with exposure to the weather so they are not recommended for use after long periods. Once sandbags are no longer useable, the bag should be split, with the contents spread over or dug into the garden and the bag itself placed in the household rubbish bin. Under no circumstances should full sandbags be placed inside a wheelie bin.
  • If you are unable to spread the contents of the sandbag in a garden, they should be taken to your local household waste and recycling centre.
  • Please remember, wet sandbags can be heavy and it may be best to get somebody to help you to lift them.
  • Residents are advised to wear gloves when handling used sandbags to avoid contact with contaminated water. Do not allow children to play with the sand, or place it in sandpits due to possible contamination, and the potential harm this could cause to a child.
  • Flood sax are a useful alternative to sandbags and have been made available to some individuals and communities. They are lightweight and absorb water in situ. As with sandbags their contents can be disposed of by digging into a garden and will naturally dissipate over time.
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