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Complaint decisions

We welcome feedback on the services we provide and other work we do. These are handled under our Let us Know policy. We carefully consider any complaints and there is the opportunity to ask for a complaint to be reviewed by a senior officer if the complainant remains dissatisfied.

This is in addition to the right for individuals to submit a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman. Most of the complaints to the Ombudsman result in decisions by the Ombudsman not to investigate a complaint or that there has been no fault in the council’s decision-making or actions. We are making available here all of the Ombudsman’s decision letters from October 2012 onwards. Decision letters do not give names or other details that would allow the complainant to be identified.

Complaint reference Summary of Ombudsman's decision Date
19017598 Closed after initial enquiries 18/03/2020
19011977 Closed after initial enquiries 11/02/2020
19008861 Upheld 30/01/2020
19006618 Closed after initial enquiries 24/12/2019
19006773 Upheld 20/11/2019
18011190 Closed after initial enquiries 17/04/2019
18016618 Closed after initial enquiries 20/03/2019
18012336 Closed after initial enquiries 11/01/2019
17017613 No investigation initiated - it is unlikely we will find fault in the Council’s actions. 28/02/2018
17012318 No investigation initiated - there is no exceptional reason to not seek a remedy in court. 11/12/2017
15014659 No investigation initiated - the Council was not at fault 26/01/2016
15008542 No investigation initiated - lies outside the Ombudsman's jurisdiction  05/10/2015
14015705 Not to investigate further 30/04/2015
14000944 No investigation initiated - the Council was not at fault 10/12/2014
13002886 The Council was not at fault 21/07/2013
12011248 No investigation initiated - no administrative fault 02/01/2013
12001219 Not to investigate further 08/10/2012
12012994 The Council did not act with administrative fault 11/02/2012
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