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Your bin has not been emptied?

Our crews start their rounds at 6am, please make sure your bin is out for collection before then. It is best to put it out the night before.

Rounds may change from week to week, so your bin could be emptied anytime between the hours of 6am and 4.30pm.

If your bin hasn't been emptied after 4.30pm, please check if your bin has a yellow or red contamination tag on it. If it has, please follow the instructions on the tag and put your bin out again on your next collection day. Crews will not come back to empty bins that weren't collected because the wrong waste was put in the bin.

You can only report a problem with your collection if:

  • There isn't a yellow or red tag
  • Your bin was out by 6am on the correct collection day and it is after 4.30pm. Check your bin collection day.
  • There was no obstruction or access problem for the bin lorry
  • If it is reported within 48 hours (or 2 working days) of your normal collection day

Rubbish collections

If we don't empty your black bin, we aim to return and collect it within 48 hours.

Recycling collections

If your green recycling bin has not been emptied, we do not return but will take extra recycling placed in an untied bag next to the bin, on your next scheduled collection.

Garden waste collections

If you are a garden waste customer and your brown garden waste bin has not been emptied, we will accept additional waste in untied bags next to your bin, which we will take on your next scheduled collection.

Report a collection problem with your bin

When you report an issue using our new reporting portal My Wyre Forest you can create an account which will allow you to track the progress of your report. Find out more about My Wyre Forest.

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