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Tips for keeping your bin clean

Some suggestions for the best ways to look after your wheelie bin, especially in the summer. 

If you think your bin smells

  • have you tried double wrapping your rubbish?
  • have you tried regularly cleaning your bin? If you don't want to do this yourself there are a number of local companies that will do it for you. 
  • have you tried wheelie bin liners and/or bin neutralizers? You can buy these from most supermarkets. 
  • if you have a child in nappies are you sluicing them before disposal?
  • can you place your bin out of direct sunlight?

If you have found maggots in your bin

In order for maggots to occur in your bin flies must have had a food source on which to lay their eggs. Please check the following:

  • is all food (or scraps) always protected from flies during preparation and disposal?
  • do you have a lid on your kitchen bin and is it always shut?
  • is your rubbish double bagged and securely tied?
  • is your wheelie bin lid always shut? Even if it's only slightly open flies can get in.

If you need any further help or advice please contact us.

Please note it is the householders responsibility to keep their bin clean. 

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