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Home Upgrade Grant

Applications closing

Give your home a HUG - free funding for home energy efficiency

The Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) funding is available to help cold and damp homes that are not connected to the mains gas grid for heating. Homes could benefit from a variety of measures such as insulation and upgraded heating.

Wyre Forest District Council (WFDC) have secured the funding from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) to help residents reduce energy bills, make their homes warmer and support tackling climate change.


You can check your eligibility online: Apply for help to improve a home with no gas boiler (Home Upgrade Grant) - GOV.UK (

To qualify households must meet all of the following criteria:

  • not heated by mains gas
  • have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) between D and G if an owner occupier
  • have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of D or E if a private tenant

    Don’t worry if you don’t already have one. If you qualify, an EPC will be conducted as part of the checks or initial assessment and is carried out free of charge!

  • AND one of the following:
    • be on a low income (You have a combined gross household income of under £36,000 (including any benefits you receive, with the exception of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Attendance Allowance (AA).

    • be in one of the postcode areas listed below

Property postcodes eligible for assessment regardless of income or benefit criteria as long as property has a home energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of D, E, F, or G. Don’t worry if you don’t already have one. If you qualify, an EPC will be conducted as part of the checks or initial assessment and is carried out free of charge!


DY10 1AA
DY10 1AB
DY10 1AE
DY10 1AF
DY10 1AL
DY10 1AQ
DY10 1AR
DY10 1AU
DY10 1AX
DY10 1AY
DY10 1AZ
DY10 1BB
DY10 1BG
DY10 1BJ
DY10 1BL
DY10 1BN
DY10 1BP
DY10 1BQ
DY10 1BT
DY10 1BY
DY10 1DA
DY10 1DB
DY10 1DD
DY10 1DE
DY10 1DF
DY10 1EA
DY10 1ED
DY10 1EH
DY10 1EJ
DY10 1EL
DY10 1EN
DY10 1EQ
DY10 1ER
DY10 1EW
DY10 1EZ
DY10 1HA
DY10 1HE
DY10 1HG
DY10 1HH
DY10 1HN
DY10 1HR
DY10 1JF
DY10 1JN
DY10 1LA
DY10 1LD
DY10 1LE
DY10 1LF
DY10 1LT
DY10 1LU
DY10 1LX
DY10 1LY
DY10 1LZ
DY10 1NA
DY10 1NB
DY10 1ND
DY10 1NE
DY10 1NG
DY10 1NH
DY10 1NJ
DY10 1NL
DY10 1NX
DY10 1NY
DY10 1NZ
DY10 1PA
DY10 1PB
DY10 1PD
DY10 1PE
DY10 1PF
DY10 1PG
DY10 1PH
DY10 1PJ
DY10 1PL
DY10 1PS
DY10 1PT
DY10 1PW
DY10 1PX
DY10 1PY
DY10 1PZ
DY10 1QA
DY10 1QG
DY10 1QH
DY10 1QL
DY10 1QN
DY10 1QP
DY10 1QQ
DY10 1QR
DY10 1QT
DY10 1QX
DY10 1QZ
DY10 1RD
DY10 1RR
DY10 1SA
DY10 1SB
DY10 1SE
DY10 1SW
DY10 1TL
DY10 1TW
DY10 1UA
DY10 1XS
DY10 2AA
DY10 2AD
DY10 2AF
DY10 2AG
DY10 2AH
DY10 2AL
DY10 2AQ
DY10 2AR
DY10 2AT
DY10 2AU
DY10 2AW
DY10 2AX
DY10 2AY
DY10 2AZ
DY10 2BA
DY10 2BG
DY10 2BH
DY10 2BP
DY10 2DG
DY10 2DJ
DY10 2DL
DY10 2DN
DY10 2DP
DY10 2DQ
DY10 2DU
DY10 2DY
DY10 2DZ
DY10 2EA
DY10 2ED
DY10 2EE
DY10 2EF
DY10 2EH
DY10 2EL
DY10 2EN
DY10 2EQ
DY10 2ES
DY10 2ET
DY10 2EU
DY10 2EW
DY10 2EX
DY10 2EY
DY10 2EZ
DY10 2FA
DY10 2FB
DY10 2GA
DY10 2GB
DY10 2GD
DY10 2GE
DY10 2GF
DY10 2HA
DY10 2HB
DY10 2HD
DY10 2HE
DY10 2HF
DY10 2HG
DY10 2HP
DY10 2HR
DY10 2HS
DY10 2HT
DY10 2HU
DY10 2HW
DY10 2JA
DY10 2JE
DY10 2JG
DY10 2JJ
DY10 2JL
DY10 2JN
DY10 2JS
DY10 2LA
DY10 2LB
DY10 2LD
DY10 2LE
DY10 2LF
DY10 2LN
DY10 2LP
DY10 2LQ
DY10 2LR
DY10 2LS
DY10 2LT
DY10 2LU
DY10 2LW
DY10 2LX
DY10 2LY
DY10 2LZ
DY10 2NA
DY10 2NB
DY10 2ND
DY10 2NE
DY10 2NF
DY10 2NG
DY10 2NH
DY10 2NJ
DY10 2NL
DY10 2NN
DY10 2NP
DY10 2NS
DY10 2NT
DY10 2NU
DY10 2PA
DY10 2PB
DY10 2PD
DY10 2PN
DY10 2PP
DY10 2PR
DY10 2PS
DY10 2PT
DY10 2PU
DY10 2PX
DY10 2PY
DY10 2QB
DY10 2QD
DY10 2QE
DY10 2QG
DY10 2QH
DY10 2QJ
DY10 2QL
DY10 2QP
DY10 2QQ
DY10 2QR
DY10 2QS
DY10 2QT
DY10 2QU
DY10 2RA
DY10 2RB
DY10 2RD
DY10 2RP
DY10 2RW
DY10 2UH
DY10 2XT
DY10 2XU
DY10 2XX
DY10 2XY
DY10 2XZ
DY10 2YA
DY10 2YB
DY10 2YD
DY10 2YE
DY10 2YF
DY10 2YG
DY10 2YH
DY10 2YQ
DY10 3AU
DY10 3AX
DY10 3AY
DY10 3AZ
DY10 3BA
DY10 3BB
DY10 3BD
DY10 3BE
DY10 3BG
DY10 3BH
DY10 3BJ
DY10 3BL
DY10 3BN
DY10 3BP
DY10 3BQ
DY10 3BS
DY10 3BT
DY10 3BU
DY10 3BW
DY10 3BX
DY10 3EA
DY10 3EB
DY10 3EE
DY10 3EF
DY10 3EJ
DY10 3EL
DY10 3EN
DY10 3EP
DY10 3EQ
DY10 3ER
DY10 3ES
DY10 3ET
DY10 3EU
DY10 3EX
DY10 3EY
DY10 3EZ
DY10 3XA
DY10 3XB
DY10 3XD
DY10 3XE
DY10 3XF
DY10 3XG
DY10 3XH
DY10 3XL
DY10 3XN
DY10 3XP
DY10 3XQ
DY10 3XW
DY10 3YA
DY10 3YB
DY10 3YD
DY10 3YE
DY10 3YF
DY10 3YG
DY10 3YH
DY10 3YJ
DY10 3YL
DY10 3YN
DY10 3YP
DY10 3YQ
DY10 3YS
DY10 3YW
DY10 4DZ
DY10 4EY
DY10 4TA
DY10 4TB
DY10 4TH
DY10 4TJ
DY10 4TW
DY10 4UH
DY10 4UJ
DY10 4UL
DY10 4UN


DY11 5AL
DY11 5AP
DY11 5BA
DY11 5BB
DY11 5BD
DY11 5BE
DY11 5BF
DY11 5BG
DY11 5BJ
DY11 5BL
DY11 5BQ
DY11 5ET
DY11 5HD
DY11 5HR
DY11 5JR
DY11 5JX
DY11 5JZ
DY11 5LH
DY11 5LJ
DY11 5PR
DY11 5PT
DY11 5PU
DY11 5PX
DY11 5PY
DY11 5PZ
DY11 5QA
DY11 5QB
DY11 5QD
DY11 5QE
DY11 5QF
DY11 5QG
DY11 5QY
DY11 5QZ
DY11 5RA
DY11 5RB
DY11 5RD
DY11 5RE
DY11 5RF
DY11 5RH
DY11 5RJ
DY11 5RN
DY11 5RQ
DY11 5RR
DY11 5RS
DY11 5RW
DY11 6AS
DY11 6DH
DY11 6DL
DY11 6DN
DY11 6DP
DY11 6DR
DY11 6DT
DY11 6DU
DY11 6DW
DY11 6DX
DY11 6DZ
DY11 6EB
DY11 6ED
DY11 6EE
DY11 6EF
DY11 6EG
DY11 6EH
DY11 6EL
DY11 6EN
DY11 6EP
DY11 6EQ
DY11 6ER
DY11 6ES
DY11 6ET
DY11 6EU
DY11 6EW
DY11 6EX
DY11 6EY
DY11 6EZ
DY11 6FD
DY11 6HA
DY11 6HB
DY11 6HE
DY11 6HF
DY11 6HG
DY11 6HH
DY11 6HJ
DY11 6HL
DY11 6HN
DY11 6HQ
DY11 6HW
DY11 6LA
DY11 6LB
DY11 6LD
DY11 6LE
DY11 6LP
DY11 6LS
DY11 6LT
DY11 6LY
DY11 6LZ
DY11 6ND
DY11 6NG
DY11 6NH
DY11 6NJ
DY11 6NL
DY11 6NN
DY11 6NP
DY11 6NQ
DY11 6NR
DY11 6NS
DY11 6NT
DY11 6NU
DY11 6NW
DY11 6NX
DY11 6NY
DY11 6NZ
DY11 6PT
DY11 6QT
DY11 6RL
DY11 6RP
DY11 6RS
DY11 6RY
DY11 6RZ
DY11 6SA
DY11 6SE
DY11 6SG
DY11 6SH
DY11 6SW
DY11 6SX
DY11 6SY
DY11 6SZ
DY11 6TB
DY11 6TD
DY11 6TE
DY11 6TF
DY11 6TG
DY11 6TH
DY11 6TN
DY11 6TP
DY11 6TQ
DY11 6TR
DY11 6TS
DY11 6TU
DY11 6TW
DY11 6TY
DY11 6TZ
DY11 6UA
DY11 6UB
DY11 6UE
DY11 6UF
DY11 6UG
DY11 6UH
DY11 6UQ
DY11 6US
DY11 6UT
DY11 7AD
DY11 7AE
DY11 7AF
DY11 7AG
DY11 7AH
DY11 7AJ
DY11 7AL
DY11 7AP
DY11 7AQ
DY11 7AS
DY11 7AT
DY11 7AU
DY11 7AX
DY11 7AY
DY11 7AZ
DY11 7BE
DY11 7BF
DY11 7BG
DY11 7BH
DY11 7BN
DY11 7BP
DY11 7BQ
DY11 7BS
DY11 7BT
DY11 7BU
DY11 7BW
DY11 7BX
DY11 7BY
DY11 7BZ
DY11 7DA
DY11 7DE
DY11 7DF
DY11 7DG
DY11 7DH
DY11 7DJ
DY11 7DL
DY11 7DN
DY11 7DP
DY11 7DQ
DY11 7DR
DY11 7DS
DY11 7DT
DY11 7DU
DY11 7DW
DY11 7DX
DY11 7DZ
DY11 7EA
DY11 7EB
DY11 7ED
DY11 7EE
DY11 7EF
DY11 7EG
DY11 7EH
DY11 7EJ
DY11 7EL
DY11 7EN
DY11 7EP
DY11 7EQ
DY11 7ER
DY11 7ES
DY11 7ET
DY11 7EU
DY11 7EW
DY11 7EX
DY11 7EY
DY11 7EZ
DY11 7FA
DY11 7FD
DY11 7FG
DY11 7FH
DY11 7FJ
DY11 7FL
DY11 7FQ
DY11 7FR
DY11 7FT
DY11 7FW
DY11 7HA
DY11 7HB
DY11 7HD
DY11 7HE
DY11 7HF
DY11 7HG
DY11 7HH
DY11 7HJ
DY11 7HL
DY11 7HQ
DY11 7HR
DY11 7JA
DY11 7JB
DY11 7JD
DY11 7JE
DY11 7JF
DY11 7JG
DY11 7JH
DY11 7JJ
DY11 7JL
DY11 7JN
DY11 7JP
DY11 7JQ
DY11 7JR
DY11 7JS
DY11 7JT
DY11 7JU
DY11 7JW
DY11 7NB
DY11 7NL
DY11 7NN
DY11 7NP
DY11 7NR
DY11 7NS
DY11 7NT
DY11 7NU
DY11 7NX
DY11 7NY
DY11 7NZ
DY11 7PA
DY11 7PB
DY11 7PD
DY11 7PE
DY11 7PG
DY11 7PS
DY11 7PT
DY11 7PZ
DY11 7QE
DY11 7QH
DY11 7QL
DY11 7QN
DY11 7QP
DY11 7QT
DY11 7QU
DY11 7QY


DY12 1AA
DY12 1AP
DY12 1AR
DY12 1AS
DY12 1AT
DY12 1AU
DY12 1AW
DY12 1BF
DY12 1EA
DY12 1EB
DY12 1ED
DY12 1EE
DY12 1EF
DY12 1EG
DY12 1EH
DY12 1EL
DY12 1EP
DY12 1EQ
DY12 1ES
DY12 1ET
DY12 1EX
DY12 1EZ
DY12 1FB
DY12 1FD
DY12 1FE
DY12 1LD
DY12 1LU
DY12 1NA
DY12 1NB
DY12 1ND
DY12 1NE
DY12 1NF
DY12 1NG
DY12 1NH
DY12 1NJ
DY12 1NL
DY12 1NP
DY12 1NQ
DY12 1NR
DY12 1NS
DY12 1NT
DY12 1NU
DY12 1NX
DY12 1NY
DY12 1NZ
DY12 1PA
DY12 1PB
DY12 1PD
DY12 1PE
DY12 1PF
DY12 1PG
DY12 1PH
DY12 1PJ
DY12 1PL
DY12 1PN
DY12 1PP
DY12 1PQ
DY12 1PR
DY12 1PW
DY12 1RB
DY12 1RD
DY12 1RE
DY12 1RF
DY12 1RG
DY12 1TR


DY13 0AQ
DY13 0BH
DY13 0DB
DY13 0DF
DY13 0DG
DY13 0DH
DY13 0DJ
DY13 0DL
DY13 0DN
DY13 0DP
DY13 0DQ
DY13 0DR
DY13 0DS
DY13 0DT
DY13 0DW
DY13 0DX
DY13 0ED
DY13 0EE
DY13 0EF
DY13 0EG
DY13 0EJ
DY13 0EQ
DY13 0HA
DY13 0HB
DY13 0HE
DY13 0HF
DY13 0HG
DY13 0HH
DY13 0HL
DY13 0JA
DY13 0JB
DY13 0JD
DY13 0JE
DY13 0JF
DY13 0JG
DY13 3DG
DY13 3DH
DY13 3DQ
DY13 8AJ
DY13 8AL
DY13 8AN
DY13 8AP
DY13 8AR
DY13 8AS
DY13 8AT
DY13 8BA
DY13 8BB
DY13 8BD
DY13 8BE
DY13 8BJ
DY13 8BL
DY13 8BP
DY13 8BS
DY13 8BX
DY13 8DA
DY13 8DB
DY13 8DH
DY13 8DJ
DY13 8DP
DY13 8DR
DY13 8DT
DY13 8DU
DY13 8DX
DY13 8GB
DY13 8HD
DY13 8JA
DY13 8JB
DY13 8JD
DY13 8ND
DY13 8QN
DY13 8UN
DY13 8UP
DY13 8UR
DY13 8UT
DY13 8UW
DY13 8UX
DY13 8UY
DY13 8XD
DY13 8YJ
DY13 8YP
DY13 8ZT
DY13 9AH
DY13 9AQ
DY13 9AW
DY13 9BT
DY13 9BW
DY13 9BX
DY13 9BY
DY13 9DE
DY13 9DF
DY13 9DG
DY13 9DH
DY13 9DJ
DY13 9DL
DY13 9DN
DY13 9DQ
DY13 9DR
DY13 9DS
DY13 9DU
DY13 9DW
DY13 9DY
DY13 9EA
DY13 9EB
DY13 9EE
DY13 9EF
DY13 9EG
DY13 9EH
DY13 9EJ
DY13 9EN
DY13 9EP
DY13 9EQ
DY13 9ER
DY13 9EU
DY13 9EW
DY13 9EZ
DY13 9FA
DY13 9FB
DY13 9FD
DY13 9FE
DY13 9FF
DY13 9FG
DY13 9FH
DY13 9FJ
DY13 9HB
DY13 9HD
DY13 9HE
DY13 9HF
DY13 9HG
DY13 9HH
DY13 9HJ
DY13 9HL
DY13 9HN
DY13 9HP
DY13 9HR
DY13 9HT
DY13 9NZ
DY13 9PB
DY13 9PD
DY13 9PE
DY13 9PF
DY13 9PG
DY13 9PH
DY13 9PJ
DY13 9PQ
DY13 9PR
DY13 9PT
DY13 9PY
DY13 9PZ
DY13 9QA
DY13 9QB
DY13 9QD
DY13 9QF
DY13 9QG
DY13 9QR
DY13 9RH
DY13 9RJ
DY13 9RL
DY13 9RN
DY13 9RP
DY13 9RR
DY13 9RW
DY13 9RX
DY13 9RY
DY13 9RZ


What is an EPC?

An EPC is a report that assesses a property’s energy efficiency performance from grade A (most efficient) to grade G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years. You can view your Energy Performance Certificate  for FREE online at

What evidence will I need to provide to support my application?

Home ownership: You will need to provide proof you own your property in the form of mortgage or title deeds. Copies are fine.

Income eligibility: If you do not live in one of the postcode areas listed you will need to provide income information for each adult in the property including benefits. Details of evidence are listed within the application form and can include:

  • P60
  • Wage slips
  • DWP pension information
  • Private pensions
  • DWP benefits letter
  • Child benefit information and/or bank statements.

What if I am a social housing tenant?

Social housing providers have their own funding to support energy efficiency improvements. Please refer to your landlord for possible support. Additional advice on how to save energy in home, can be found on GOV.UK.

How do I apply?

If you meet all of the above criteria, please contact our partner Act on Energy (AOE) on 0800 988 2881 or email for next steps. 

To support customers on their journey we have teamed up with energy experts AOE who have been helping Midlands’ households with energy advice for 25 years. AOE are a registered charity that provide expert energy advice and can explain more about the scheme and will even complete a telephone assessment with you to establish if you and your property are eligible.

If I qualify what happens next?

Once your application has been verified for eligibility you will be contacted by an appointed contractor to make an appointment for an initial whole house retrofit assessment visit. A qualified Retrofit Assessor will carry out a whole house assessment to look at the condition of the property and suitability of measures.

The initial assessment can take up to 2 hours depending on the size of your property and the Retrofit Assessor will require access to all rooms to complete a thorough survey, including any loft space.

What happens after the initial assessment?

This assessment will be reviewed by a Retrofit Co-ordinator. If the property is deemed suitable for works, the Retrofit Co-ordinator will look at the best combination of suitable measures within the funding available to offer you the best possible energy savings.

Following the review, if your property is suitable for improvement works you would be contacted to discuss the options available to you. Further visits may be required for additional surveys for specific measures. You are under no obligation to proceed with any works following the assessment and no installations would take place without your consent.

How much will be awarded?

The value of the grant available depends on:

  • whether you are an owner occupier or a private rented tenant
  • the EPC rating of your property
  • type of property (semi-detached, detached, solid wall etc.)

If you are the homeowner and live in your own home the cost of the measures will be fully funded up to the maximum spend cap per property.
If you live in a private rented property, the landlord will be required to pay at least one third of the overall cost of measures. Before applying for the grant, please ensure your landlord has agreed for measures to be completed and they understand they will be required to make a financial contribution. If you are a landlord applying for a grant, please ensure you have discussed this with your tenants as several visits to the property will be required.

Grants will not be awarded in cash. The grant towards the cost of measures is claimed back from central government via the local authority.

What home energy efficiency measures could I receive?

Eligible households could benefit from one or more of the following fully funded and (in the case of privately rented properties) partially funded measures which are subject to a suitable property survey and funding caps. Examples include:

  • Improved ventilation (to help reduce condensation, damp, and mould)
  • External wall insulation
  • Internal wall insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Solar panels
  • Air source heat pumps

This is not an exhaustive list and all measures are subject to the necessary survey and funding.

A full technical survey will be carried out to check what measures need to be put in place - and in which order the measures need to be completed. Not all homes will be suitable for all measures.

Ventilation plays an essential role in any insulation measure. The Retrofit Assessment will identify if the ventilation is already adequate – or not; and will make ventilation recommendations if necessary.

If extra ventilation is required, this must be carried out before any other energy efficiency measures are installed.

Can I choose which measures I want to receive?

Following an initial property assessment, you would be contacted to discuss the options available to you within the funding available to offer you the best possible energy savings. All works under the scheme must comply with a “fabric first” approach which means heat loss prevention measures such as insulation must be installed before any other energy efficiency measures so it may be necessary to install one measure as a pre-condition for another measure. For example, a loft must be insulated before any solar panels can be installed, so it may be necessary to install these measures as a package if no insulation exists or existing insulation does not meet the correct standard. You are under no obligation to proceed with any measures following the assessment and no measures would take place without your consent.

What contractors will be used and can I trust them?

All contractors are registered with TrustMark, the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme, for measures in and around your home. TrustMark Registered Businesses are thoroughly vetted and continually monitored to ensure they meet required standards in technical competence, customer service and trading practices.

If anything should go wrong, TrustMark has that covered as Registered Businesses must provide guarantees on their work and have a clear and simple disputes resolution process in place. Details can be found on TrustMark website.

Contractors are procured by the Local Authorities, in order to meet the requirements of the scheme.

What savings could I see on my bill?

The savings will vary depending on the measure and number of measures being installed. For example, the Energy Saving Trust has estimated that by adding loft insulation to a typical 3-bedroom semi-detached house you could save around £255 on your energy bill each year whilst solar panels could save you between £210 and £514 each year.

How does the process work?

Once your application has been verified there are several stages to the process which will require several visits to your property:

  1. Assessment
  2. Technical Design
  3.  Installation and Handover
  4. Post Energy Performance Certificate and Inspection
  5. Evaluation

Please be aware funding will be allocated on a first come first served basis prioritising the most inefficient properties. A completed assessment does not guarantee that work will go ahead. If our allocation for the current scheme has been met, we will keep your assessment on file and aim to incorporate works on the next available government funded scheme.


How we will prioritise the use of the Home Upgrade Grant funding

The decisions to award homes funding will be based on the number of eligible applications received and the remaining funding available to us. This will be reviewed monthly until the end of the scheme. A review of the way we prioritise the Home Upgrade Grant funding will take place following any formal amendments of the government guidance, targets, funding amounts or scheme deadlines.

Use of the Home Upgrade Grant funding will be prioritised in the following way where the constraints of the funding can be met. (The constraints of the scheme and resident/s preferences may mean we are unable to offer some homes measures under the scheme and subsequently may offer a home with a higher EPC funding. In these scenarios we will look to support homes with other funding available if possible.)

  • Priority will be given to homes with the lowest EPC regardless of its indices of multiple deprivation area as long as the home is not heated by gas.
  • Where a decision is to be made between two homes of the same EPC rating, the home with the lower energy score will receive the funding.
  • Where a decision is to be made between two homes of the same EPC rating and energy score, the home with the lower annual household gross income will receive the funding.
  • Where a decision is to be made between two homes of the same EPC rating and energy score in the same indices of multiple deprivation area, the applicants will be required to provide evidence of annual household income and the home with the lower annual household gross income will receive the funding.

The constraints of the scheme, as set by the funder, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero are:

  • A cap on the total spend for each home. The cost caps for each property type vary based on the property type and wall construction.
  • A requirement to spend a minimum of 60% of the total funding on grade A measures.
    • Grade A measures: Cavity wall Insulation, loft insulation, external wall insulation, internal wall insulation, room in roof insulation, draught proofing, air sourced heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, shared loop ground source heat pumps, communal heat networks, wet central heating, hot water cylinder insulation, hot water cylinder thermostat, digital, smart controls, heating controls, battery storage when complementing solar PV.
  • A maximum spend of 40% of the total funding on grade B measures.
    • Grade B measures: High heat retention storage heaters, low energy lighting, underfloor insulation, solar PV, High temperature heat pumps, low carbon district heating, double glazing (only when required by Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2035 to complement external wall installation or for the home to be PAS compliant).
  • A maximum spend of 10% of the total funding on grade C measures.
    • Grade C measures: Biomass room heater with boiler, solar thermal, biomass, direct electric heaters, double glazing (when not required by PAS 2035 to complement external wall installation nor for the home to be PAS compliant).
  • The ability to deliver proposed measure/s within the time deadlines of the scheme, 31 March 2025.

How long will the process take?

Due to the nature and complexity of the funding criteria and volume of assessments being completed and reviewed the process from application to installation could take several months. In some cases, if there are unforeseen supply chain issues this may be longer.

How many home visits will be required?

The process will require 4-6 home visits:

  • Pre EPC visit to establish the energy efficiency rating of your property to verify the eligibility of your application (if your property does not already have one).
  • Initial whole house retrofit assessment to look at the condition of the property and suitability of measures.
  • Technical survey for each measure to be installed to identify the most appropriate design(s) for your property.
  • Installation work of improvement measures agreed.
  • Post EPC visit to confirm the new and improved energy efficiency rating of your property.
  • Independent installation quality inspection to ensure the installation work meets required standards. Properties are randomly selected so not all properties will have an inspection visit.

Will scaffolding need to be erected at my property?

It will be necessary to erect temporary scaffolding for the installation of most measures, for example, solar panels, windows and external wall insulation.

Will you need access to my loft?

Yes. We will require access to any loft space to establish whether you have any existing loft insulation or whether this meets the required standard. We kindly ask that you clear down sufficient space to allow adequate access to contractors for them to carry out an accurate survey.

How long will the work take on my house?

The duration of installation works will depend on the measure or combination of measures being installed. For example, loft insulation can generally be fitted within a day, whereas external wall insulation could take 2 weeks or longer depending on weather conditions.

How much space will an Air Source Heat Pump occupy?

An Air Source Heat Pump is sited outside the property can either be attached to an external wall or fixed to a floor and are generally around 1500mm x 500mm in size. You will also need space within your property to accommodate a hot water cylinder either in the loft or an airing cupboard. An assessor will look at the options available when they visit your home to carry out the initial survey.

Will I have to move out whilst the work is taking place?

No, you will not need to move out of your property. We will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum whilst the installation work is being carried out. Most of the work will be carried out externally where possible. If internal access is required, your carpets and flooring will be covered by the contractor before the installation of any measures and the contractor will leave your property in the same condition as prior to the installation.

Will I receive any warranties for works completed?

Yes. All installation works will come with appropriate warranties and guarantees for each measure installed.

Can I nominate someone to speak on my behalf?

Yes. You can nominate someone to speak with us on your behalf. This may be a family member, friend, carer, or if you are a private tenant you may wish for us to speak with your landlord. If you prefer to do this, we will need your permission and the contact details of your nominated person.

What if there are 3 owner names on our mortgage/property deeds?

The application form and home ownership information need to be the same. All property owners listed on the home ownership will need to sign the application form.

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