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Water conservation

Why save water?

Clean water is a precious commodity often taken for granted in the UK, but behind the scenes it takes a lot of energy and technology to bring it to us. As climate change brings longer, drier summers, water shortages will become more frequent. We can all do our bit by starting to save water today.

Ways to save water:


  • Use a bowl for washing up or peeling vegetables, instead of running the tap.
  • Turn the tap off whilst cleaning your teeth.
  • Put the plug in the sink whilst washing and shaving, instead of running the tap.
  • Fill the watering can with cold water whilst waiting for hot water to come through to the hot tap.
  • If you have the choice, shower rather than bath. (But power showers can use a lot of water).

Small jobs

  • Contact your water supplier to get a water meter fitted for free. For most households, water bills will be lower with a meter. For more information, telephone Severn Trent Water on 0845 7090 646 or view their webpage on water meters.
  • Place a brick or a full one litre bottle of water in the toilet cistern. Check the flush still operates properly, and you will save water every time you flush. Severn Trent Water also provide free cistern devices and other products designed to reduce your water use.
  • Repair dripping taps quickly.
  • Check the water and energy use of washing machines and dishwashers before you buy, as an inefficient model will cost you extra in the long run.

In the garden

  • Use a water butt to collect and save the water falling on your roof. Call Severn Trent Water on 08708 494851 or visit their website for offers on water butts. Water butts are also available at
  • Use a watering can (filled from your water butt) rather than a hosepipe which uses up to 1000 litres of water per hour!
  • Water plants in the evening and never in full sunlight as water may evaporate without reaching the roots, and any splashes can burn delicate leaves and blooms.
  • Use washing up water on the garden - it won't harm your plants and it keeps aphids away.
  • Dig in plenty of compost to improve water retention in the soil and therefore reduce the need to water as often. To order a discounted compost bin from Worcestershire County Council call 0845 073 2001 or alternatively visit
  • Spread a mulch on the surface, for example bark chips. This will keep water in and keep weeds down.
  • Check the labels on plants at the garden centre and avoid planting water-hungry varieties.

Can't reduce your water use and struggling with water bills?

Find out more about Watersure from Severn Trent Water, a scheme which caps water bills for eligible customers.

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