The Local Heritage List

Local heritage listing is a means for a community and a local authority to jointly identify heritage assets that are valued as distinctive elements of the local historic environment. The Local Heritage List identifies those heritage assets that are not protected by statutory designations. A Local Heritage List provides clarity on the location of these assets and what it is about them that is significant. Their local interest could be related to the social and economic history of the area, individuals of local importance, settlement patterns or the age, design and style of buildings. They are NOT Listed Buildings. Learn more about Statutory Listed Buildings

The Local Heritage List is not restricted to buildings. It may comprise sites, places or areas such as village greens or ponds. It may include structures such as bridges and sluices, and historic street furniture such as letterboxes, signposts or telephone boxes. Local Heritage Assets are not given any protection through Law, but we do encourage the use of appropriate materials and design. The general "rule of thumb" is that repairs should be undertaken on a like-for-like basis.

A guide leaflet on The Local Heritage List has been produced. The leaflet gives information on what is a Heritage Asset, why they are included on the Local Heritage List, the difference between Statutory and Local Heritage Lists and how we make additions and deletions to the List.  View the Leaflet: The Local Heritage List 

Local Heritage Lists

The following Local Heritage Lists (formerly known as Lists of Buildings of Local Architectural and/or Historic Interest - The Local list) have been adopted:

Kidderminster Local Heritage List (192K)         

Stourport-on-Severn Local Heritage List (192K)      

Bewdley Local Heritage List (120K)                

Wolverley and Cookley Local Heritage List  (50K)

Churchill and Blakedown Local Heritage List  (143K)

Severn Valley Railway Local Heritage List (63Kb)

Chaddesley Corbett Local Heritage List (220Kb)

Rural Areas Local Heritage List

Future years will see the continuation of the Local Heritage List being rolled out to the rest of the rural areas of the District.