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Minutes of the Stone Parish Council Meeting

Held on Tuesday 10th November 2020 commencing at 7.00pm using Microsoft Team.


Councillors Mrs Hilary Baxter (Appointed Chairman), Mrs Pauline Hill, Mrs Jane Lacey, Mr Richard Wignall, Mr Derek Killingworth & District Councillors Ian Hardiman & Councillor Hart (Part).

In attendance:

Mr S Clee (Clerk)


Councillors Mr John Jordan & Mr Graham Higgs.

272 Confirmation of the Minutes:

The minutes of the last meeting held on 8th September 2020 as previously circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.

273 Declaration of Interest for a) The Meeting and b) Any Changes to be notified to the Registers of Interests and Gifts & Hospitality.

a) None declared. b) There were none.

274 Chairman’s Opening Remarks:

The Acting Chairman stated Councillors Jordan and Higgs were both having difficulty logging into Microsoft Teams this evening. She welcomed all members to this fourth virtual meeting of Stone Parish Council and has it look’s likely we could be meeting this way for much longer than many expected way into the New Year 2021.

275 Planning Matters:

The Council noted the current list of Planning Applications approved and pending by WFDC.

276 Correspondence & Progress Reports:

There was no additional correspondence to that on the agenda.

277 County & District Reports:

Council noted the written report from County Cllr Hart & District Councillor Ian Hardiman. Councillor Wignall stated he had received a West Mercia Report and “all was quiet”. Marcus Hart joined the meeting shortly after this item had been discussed. However, he informed the Council many delays over the past 12 months with Highway Issues were because
the Highways Manager for Worcester City had left, and our Manager was doubling up!

278 Stone Meadow Site:

The Council noted the “briefing note” circulated to all members relating to the Stone meadows Site and its history. Councillor Killingworth thanked the Clerk for his highly informative and detailed report. In the absence of Councillors Jordan & Higgs who had requested this matter be put on to the agenda it was decided to defer this item till the next meeting.

279 Community Defibrillator:

Council had been approached by Mr Colin Emeny of the Stone Parochial Church Council who
Would like to provide a Defibrillator for the parishioners needs in this parish. The Defibrillator
would be supply and installed free of charge and then handed over to this Council for its
maintenance and ownership thereafter. The Council discussed the matter and RESOLVED to
accept the generous offer from the Church Council. The Clerk pointed out “monthly” testing would
need to be carried out and all Councillors would need to support this activity.

280 CCTV & Fly Tipping:

In the absence of Councillors Jordan & Higgs who had requested this matter be put on to the agenda it was decided to defer this item till the next meeting.

281 Finances:

It was noted the Bank Balance currently stands at £19, 497.71 which includes our second half of the precept for 2020-2021and earmarked reserves and grants for specific works.

  1. Accounts amounting to £1,871.57 as detailed on the expenditure spreadsheet circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting were approved for payment.
  2. The Receipt & Payment spreadsheets were approved.
  3. The Precept for next year was discussed. It was RESOLVED to set the precept at £14,220. for the next Municipal Year od 2021-2022.

282 Date of the next Meeting:

The dates for 2021-2022 years were noted as follows;

  • Tuesday 12th January 7.30 pm Parish Room, Stone
  • Tuesday 9th March 7.30 pm Annual Parish Meeting
  • Followed by Council Meeting Parish Room, Stone
  • Tuesday 11th May 7.30 pm Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Parish Room, Stone
  • Tuesday 13th July 7.30 pm Parish Room, Stone
  • Tuesday 14th September 7.30 pm Parish Room, Stone
  • Tuesday 9th November 7.30 pm Parish Room, Stone

283 Date of the next Meeting:

There being no other business the meeting ended at 19.25pm. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 12th January 2021 commencing at 7pm.


12th January 2021

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