Parks update

Our play areas reopened on Saturday 18 July.

When you visit our play areas please follow the Government’s Coronavirus guidelines and stay safe.

Please help us keep the district a safe, clean and green environment by taking your litter home.

Splashpad and paddling pools

Brinton Park splashpad now closed for the winter season

The splashpad is now closed for the winter season 2020/21. We aim to reopen the splashpad for May half term 2021. However please check this page for more updates closer to the date.

view of splashpad

New safety measures were introduced during the coronavirus pandemic during July and August 2020 when the splashpad was reopened to make sure everyone could enjoy the splashpad safely. These included;

  • reducing the opening hours to 11am - 4pm daily which enabled the teams to carry out necessary checks and extra cleaning before and after use
  • we increased staffing levels who were on site daily during opening times to enforce our rules
  • we only allowed a maximum of 12 users at any one time to support social distancing
  • during busier days we implemented 20 minute time slots to ensure everyone could use the facility in a safe manner.

The splashpad is checked first thing in the morning to ensure it is safe to open. We check the water quality and look for litter, glass and anything else that is potentially harmful to the public.

Cleaning happens behind the scenes in the pump room. Based on current usage, it is estimated that cleaning will happen anytime between 1pm and 3pm for about an hour.  It is checked between two to four times a day. If anything is found to be unsafe will be closed immediately and only reopened when it is safe to do so.

We thank you for your patience while we carry out these important checks and your understanding that cleaning of the splashpad is essential to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety.

If you notice anything at the splashpad that requires our attention please call customer services on 01562 732528.

Please be aware that we may need to close the splashpad without notice should it require maintenance or cleaning. If you notice anything at the splashpad that requires our attention please call customer services on 01562 732528 or email us.

Paddling Pools in the district