We aim to deliver public services which meet the needs of the community and provide value for money.

How we manage our performance is set out in our Performance Management Framework (247KB) This includes making sure our data is high quality and fit for purpose as set out in our Data Quality Policy (138KB)

Performance Monitoring

We have a number of processes in place to monitor our performance including:

  • Council Priorities – as set out in the Corporate Plan
  • Actions - contributing to the delivery of our Priorities
  • Measures - both leading and lagging to monitor how well we are meeting our purposes. (We adopted a systems thinking approach in 2012 and our measures replace key performance indicators (KPIs)).
  • Progress with our actions and measures is considered by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in quarterly update reports.

Viewpoint Survey

These surveys capture local people’s views, experiences and perceptions about the local area, as well as measuring satisfaction with the services provided by us and other local service providers.

Read the 2018 Viewpoint report on Worcestershire County Council website. 

Performance Reports

Each year we produce an annual review called ‘A Year in Pictures’ which provides a summary of our achievements over the previous 12 months.

Ayearthumbnail Jpg A year in Pictures 2014/15 (885KB)

A Year in Pictures 2013/14 (1.19MB)
A Year in Pictures 2012/13 (1.19MB)
A Year in Pictures 2011/12 (340KB)
Annual Review 2010/2011 (1,738K)

Annual Audits

Annual audit information is contained within our Financial Strategy
In addition, regular reports are provided to the Corporate Leadership Team, Cabinet and Scrutiny Committees.

Employees and the public are kept up to date with news releases and bulletins.

Wyre Forest Peer Review

Read the feedback report from a brief follow up peer review visit in 2019

Read the feedback report from our 2017 peer review.