A-Z of Services

Season Tickets

All types of season tickets can be purchased online, the ticket will then either be posted to you or you can request to collect in person.

Season ticket terms and conditions

Full and senior citizen season tickets

Both types of tickets can be used on any car park owned by Wyre Forest District Council in accordance with the restrictions of each car park, for example a full season ticket can be used on a Market Street short stay car park for a maximum of 2 hours.

Please check each car park for restrictions.

Please note a senior citizen season ticket is only valid for one continuous parking period of 4 hours in any day. The applicant must be a resident in the district of Wyre Forest and of state pensionable age (male and female).

Restricted season tickets

Can only be used on the following car parks:

Bromsgrove Street Value Season Ticket

If you regularly visit Kidderminster town centre you can save hundreds of pounds a year by applying for a new value season ticket.

Our Bromsgrove Street Value Season Ticket is valid on Bromsgrove Street car park only and available for just £300 a year.

The season ticket is available as a monthly, six monthly or annual permit with flexible payment options ranging from upfront one-off payments or monthly Direct Debit.

Please note a space is not guaranteed and you must park in accordance with the car park regulations. 

  Season ticket Charge
Full 1 month £82.00

6 months £389.00
12 months £706.00
Restricted  1 month £41.00
6 months £194.00
12 months £353.00
Senior 6 months £98.00
12 months £176.00
Bromsgrove Street  1 month £36.00
6 months £170.00
12 months £300.00