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Blue Badge information

The Blue Badge Parking Scheme (parking badges for disabled people) provides parking concessions both nationally and in Europe, for people with a permanent and substantial disability, whether the person is the driver or the passenger. The scheme does not apply to off-street car parking.

To find out about the badge please visit the Worcestershire County Council's Blue Badge scheme.

Using a Blue Badge in Wyre Forest

Please note this information relates only to Wyre Forest. You should check with the appropriate local authority in any other area before using your badge.

Car Parks

  • All of the car parks owned by us are free to use to the holders of Blue Badges.
  • The amount of time you can park for free will be explained on the tariff board alongside the pay and display machine or at the entrance to the car park. Alternatively it will be displayed on the pay and display machine itself.
  • Parking in a disabled bay and failing to correctly display your Blue Badge will lead to a penalty charge notice being issued.
  • Blue Badge holders are able to use disabled bays when correctly displaying a Blue Badge and time clock.
  • Blue Badge holders are able to use non-disabled bays but must still display a Blue Badge and time clock.
  • If you park in a car park that is short stay only, we allow you three hours parking time. You must display the time that you arrived on your time clock. If you fail to do so it may lead to a penalty charge notice being issued to the vehicle for misrepresentation of how long you have been in the car park.
  • If there are any single or double yellow lines in a car park your blue badge does not allow you to park on them.

On Street Parking

For on street parking please refer to the information provided by the issuing authority of your blue badge.

How to correctly display your Blue Badge and time clock

To correctly display your Blue Badge it must be placed with the expiry date and the serial number facing up. The reverse side of the Blue Badge (with the picture of the owner) is to be faced downwards. Next to the Blue Badge you then place your time clock which you adjust to show the time of your arrival to your place of parking.

Abuse of a Blue Badge could result in it being withdrawn. In addition, it is a criminal offence for a non-disabled person to use a disabled person's Blue Badge without the named disabled person being present. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are aware of the regulations and use your badge correctly. Misuse of your Blue Badge can result in Worcestershire County Council de-registering it and issuing a maximum penalty fine for incorrect use of the badge of £1000.

If you believe that a Blue Badge is being misused then please contact the Hub on 01562 732928 or alternatively email us.

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