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We are responsible for the administration and enforcement of a wide range of licences and registrations.

Alcohol and Entertainment

To supply alcohol or provide late night refreshment or certain entertainments you will need a licence from us

Lotteries and Gambling

If you want to carry out gambling activities, including some charitable lotteries, you may need to register or get a licence

Taxis and Private Hire

To operate a vehicle in return for payment you need a licence

Street Trading

To sell goods in public you need to be authorised

Charitable Collections

If you want to collect money or goods, or sell things for the benefit of charitable or other purposes in the street or by going house to house, you will need a licence from us

Skin Piercing

Registration of tattooing, ear and skin piercing, acupuncture and electrolysis

Animal Licences

Licences for animal boarding, pet shops, riding establishments, zoos, dangerous wild animals as pets and dog breeding

Sex Establishments

Licensing of sex shops and sexual entertainment venues

Scrap Metal Sites and Collectors

To collect scrap metal or operate a site dealing in scrap metal you have to have a licence

Street Amenities

You need permission to put tables and chairs and other street furniture in the highway

Licensing and Registration Fees

Fees for the application and renewal of licences

Licensing Surgeries
Times when you can meet with a licensing officer

Public Access
Registers and lists of licences

Wyre Forest District Council