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Byelaws are local laws made by a local council under an enabling power contained in a public general act or a local act requiring something to be done – or not done – in a specified area. They are accompanied by some sanction or penalty for their non-observance.

If validly made, byelaws have the force of law within the areas to which they apply. Generally, byelaws are overseen by the relevant government department or confirming authority who has policy responsibility for the subject matter.

Byelaws are enforced by the local authority through the magistrates’ court and contravening a byelaw can result in a fine upon successful conviction.

The Byelaws (Alternative Procedure) (England) Regulations 2016

The Byelaws (Alternative Procedure) (England) Regulations 2016 introduce new arrangements for byelaws.

The regulations simplify the procedures for making new byelaws and amending byelaws, including replacing the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government’s role in confirming byelaws. This is now a matter for the local council, having taken account of any representations made about the proposed byelaw.

The regulations also give councils powers to revoke byelaws under an entirely local process.

The regulations do not give local authorities powers to create new categories of byelaws.

More information and guidance about byelaws can be read on GOV.UK

Register of Byelaws

Wyre Forest District Council has made byelaws including the following:

  • Hackney Carriage Byelaws Various
  • Dogs Fouling Footpaths Various
  • Skating on Rollers etc on Public Carriageways and Footpaths 06/02/1978
  • Lax Lane Pleasure Gound, Bewdley 23/12/1978
  • Ear-Piercing and Electrolysis 01/07/1984
  • Baths etc 17/01/1975
  • Preventing Waste, Undue Consumption, Misuse or Contamination of Water (Unconfirmed) Unknown
  • Acupuncture 01/07/1984
  • Straw and Stubble Burning Various
  • Pleasure Grounds Play Areas Sports Grounds and Closed Churchyard 04/08/1988
  • Markets 03/02/1986
  • Tattooing 01/07/1984
  • Good Rule and Government of the Borough 02/05/1898
  • New Streets and Buildings 01/07/1935
  • Building Byelaws Various
  • Speeding on the River Severn 16/05/1969
  • Riding of Bicycles, Tricycles or Other Machines upon Certain Specified Footpaths 01/07/1937
  • Bewdley Corp Waterworks 24/05/1935
  • Broadwaters Open Space 25/09/1957
  • Deposit of Litter 27/02/1946
  • Diseases of Animals 31/03/1908
  • Sale of Coal 03/03/1937
  • Offensive Trades Various
  • Slaughterhouses Various
  • Shop Hours Act 1904 18/09/1911
  • Town Council and Local Board Byelaws 09/03/1870
  • Sale of Coal 14/08/1947
  • Hackney Carriages Various
  • Locomotives (lapsed 31/03/1934) 12/09/1900
  • Building Byelaws Various
  • Management of a Mortuary 19/09/1934
  • Library, Museum and Art Gallery 10/01/1935
  • New Streets and Buildings 08/12/1926
  • Parasitic Mange Order of 1911 12/12/1911
  • Common Lodging Houses 19/09/1934
  • Cleaning Footways/Pavements and Nuisances, Management of a Mortuary, Common Lodging Houses 06/06/1889
  • Brinton and St. George's Parks, Jerusalem Walk Recreational Ground and King George's Playing Field 02/01/1952
  • Preventing Waste, Undue Consumption, Misuse or Contamination of Water 23/09/1955
  • Good Rule and Government of the Borough Various
  • Sale of Wood Fuel 21/07/1965
  • New Streets and Buildings and Pleasure Grounds 26/05/1877
  • Section 61 of The Public Health Act 1936 and Section 24 of The Clean Air Act 1956 01/02/1958
  • Handling Wrapping and Delivery of Food and Sale of Food in The Open Air 03/07/1950
  • Markets Various
  • Shops Act 1912 05/12/1916
  • Shops (Sunday Trading Restriction) Act 1912 Bread Flour and Confectionery (Partial Exemption) order 1938 05/01/1938
  • Hairdressers and Barbers 01/12/1963
  • Swimming Baths 08/07/1972
  • Violent Behaviour etc on School Premises 03/01/1972
  • Preventing Waste, Undue Consumption, Misuse or Contamination of Water 25/01/1956
  • Sanitary Conditions and Management of Private Slaughterhouses 17/07/1956
  • Public Conveniences 01/08/1958
  • Prevention of Danger to Persons in Streets from Wireless Apparatus 01/02/1952
  • Building Byelaws Various
  • Preventing Waste, Undue Consumption, Misuse or Contamination of Water Amendments 26/03/1957
  • Handling Wrapping and Delivery of Food and Sale of Food in the open air 27/04/1950
  • Pleasure Grounds 01/01/1959
  • Pleasure Fairs 01/03/1974
  • Smoke Control Various
  • Pleasure Boats and Vessel 14/02/1951
  • Building Byelaws 02/12/1953
  • Preventing Waste, Undue Consumption, Misuse or Contamination of Water Various
  • Stourport-on-Severn Cemetery 02/11/1966
  • Oil Burning Equipment 01/12/1970
  • Oil Burning Equipment – Amendment 01/12/1972
  • Shops (Sunday Trading Restriction) Act 1936 Sect 5 Plus Exemptions Various
  • Standards for Equipping and Construction of Boats Using Board's Waterways 28/06/1979
  • Gloucester and Sharpness Canal and River Severn Navigation 1962 26/01/1962
  • Redstone Local Nature Reserve, Stourport 08/02/1985
  • Semi-Permanent Skin-Colouring 20/09/06

Should you require more information on the penalties for byelaws offences or to inspect our byelaws, please email Ann Patton.

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