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Minutes of the Rock Parish Council Meeting held in Callow Hill Methodist Hall on Monday 25th February 2019 commencing at 7.00pm.

Present: Councillors Christopher Price (Chairman); Douglas Godwin; Sue Morris; Jim Lawson; Sandra Woodhouse; Pat Pain; David Nott; Colin Thornton; Alistair Scott; Richard Williams; Andrew Croot; Calne Edginton White

In attendance: Mr S Clee Clerk, Colin Link, Roger Coleman, Dis Councillor Anna Coleman, Mr Rob Matthews, Mr Phil Deeley, Mr John Collett, Mr Rod Stanczyszyn, Miss Sally Watkins, Mr & Mrs Edgar & Sonia Rudge, Ms Margaret Griffith, Mr & Mr Ross & Mr Franco D’aniello, Mr Nigel Oakes, Mr & Mrs Robin & Shirley Pearson, Mr Gerald Lewis, Mr Glenn Ruston, PC Mr Stephen Thomas & PCSO Jenny Bray.

Apologies: Councillor Ms Christine Sankey & County Councillor Rebecca Vale.

2045 Confirmation of the Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting held on 28th January 2019 as previously circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.

2046 Declaration of Interest for a) The Meeting and b) Any Changes to be notified to the Registers of Interests and Gifts & Hospitality;

A) There were none. B) There were none.

2047 Public Participation:

PC Stephen Thomas updated the parish council on recent crimes in the parish, mainly shed break-ins. He informed the PC a very productive meeting was held with Mr David Dew from Worcestershire County Council and Parish Council representatives along Lye Head Road. It was agreed to refresh the existing lineage on the carriageway together with pursuing “yellow lines” to deflect all the visitors to the Forestry Centre parking in the Lane to avoid minimal charges at the Visitors Centre.

Cllr Godwin arrived at this point.

Mr John Collett from The Local History Society wished to correct the report in the February edition of the Rock & District News relating to the Council's recent meeting, wherein it was proposed to apply for a preservation order on the Far Forest Centre (the Old School), it was stated in the earlier meeting that the councillors thought the building dated back to 1860. Mr Collett said he appreciated the need to be as accurate as possible in these matters, he felt it was incumbent on him to pass on the following details he has accumulated over 25 years of researching Rock Parish history. In particular by confirming the two specific dates in question backed by written evidence.

Point one, the date when a building was first erected on the site, he presented to the meeting with a copy of a sale deed from the Lord of the Manor of Bewdley Manor Court Rolls, which confirmed a piece of land 24½ yards by 9½ yards was purchased by the Rev. John Cawood from William Patchett, of Shugars Farm, clearly identifying the site as being that where the Far Forest Centre now stands, the date of this document was 3/9/1829.

This was followed with extracts from the booklet produced by Far Forest Church to mark the church having reached its centenary year. In the booklet the Rev. William Lea confirms that Rev. J Cawood did, in 1829, erect a school on the land he acquired, describing it as 'a pretty building with a tower'. Adding that the tower served as a lodging for the caretaker, the first being Richard Wyre.

Point two was to confirm the date when the Teacher's house was built. This came again from the Far Forest Church centenary booklet, where Rev.William Lea states that in 1848 alterations were made to the building, the tower (being found to be unstable) was dismantled and a new house added. This new 'teacher's house' appears on a plan of a document regarding the sale of Shugars farm in 1876, which clearly shows the teacher's house to be as it is today, much further forward on the road edge than the main school building, and with no known alterations between 1848 and 1876 it indicates that the left hand end of the building has remained the same layout as today, i.e. the Teachers House was built in 1848.

Finally, the last mention of early alterations to the Church School came as a result of the Act of Parliament which stated it was compulsory for all children to attend a school, which meant that by 1883 the school had seen the numbers of children attending double, making it clear to the governors the school would have to be enlarged. Thus in 1884 a further quarter of an acre of land was bought off Shugars farm, and the right-hand end of the main building extended by approximately 9 yards, plus a playground was added to the rear of the plot. This transaction is also confirmed by a copy document from the Manor of Bewdley Court Rolls.

Mr Collett confirmed there have also been several other alterations done to the premises in more recent times but he did not consider them having a major effect of the origins of the Far Forest Church School.

Mr Phil Deeley from Matthews City & Country Homes spoke to a slide presentation on the Planning Application to construct 6 dwellings on Land at Walnut Cottage, Bliss Gate. He confirmed they had very closely studied the Parish Councils recent Housing Needs Survey and Parish Plan when deciding to incorporating 2 Bungalows within the small scheme to meet the Rock Parish Council needs.

2048 County & District Councillor’s Report

District Councillor Anna Coleman reported following complaints from residents in Sugars Lane about inconsiderate driving and claims that the caravan sites off Sugars Lane were being occupied during their closed periods:

All three caravan sites operate different closure times during the year (Hillview is closed in January, Far Forest - 17.01 - 17.02, Goodmore Farm - last two weeks in October) Some of the occupants stay in the neighbouring site whilst their site is closed, which does not lead to considerable traffic reduction, some occupants come to check on their property during closing time.

Owners also send letters to the planning officers asking to stay on the site for the closed period due to medical condition;

She confirmed Wyre Forest DC doesn't inspect the sites and the licence conditions are being adhered too annually. The inspection frequency varies and for sites where the licence conditions appear to be upheld they may not be checked for several years;

She advised the Parish Council to put all concerns in writing to the Planning Enforcement Officers so the Officers can consider the evidence and check the site out.

Anna stated she also went to see the manager of Far Forest Caravan site and ask him if he received any complaints from public about inconsiderate driving on Sugars Lane. He said nobody complained to him. It is confirmed its WIP and hopefully it will be resolved with annual site inspections carried next year.

2049 Correspondence & Update Sheet:

The update sheet with one late planning application was noted.

2050 Planning

032: 19/0044/Full Single storey rear extension at Oak Tree Bungalow, Kinlet Road, DY14 9UE.

It was RESOLVED to support this application.

033: 19/0049/Full Erection of dwelling and garages together with new access and parking at Upper Norchard Farm, Netherton, Dunley, DY13 0UJ.

The PC RESOLVED to oppose this application because the proposed development is on land that has not been previously developed. The Land identified on the drawings has always been well used for agricultural use only. The land falls outside the settlement boundary. The PC sees no justification in allowing Grade A agricultural land to be used for development and recommends that Wyre Forest District Council REFUSE this application.

034: 19/0080/Full Erection of 6 dwellings with associated access off Gorst Hill at Land adjoining Walnut Cottage, Bliss Gate, DY14 9XU.

It was RESOLVED to support this application.

035: 19/0099/Full Single storey extension at Bannut Tree House, Lye Head Road, DY14 2UW.

It was RESOLVED to support this application.

2051 Parish Magazine

Councillor Alister Scott is writing tonight’s report for the Parish Magazine and Councillor Miss Sue Morris in March.

2052 Accounts for Payment

a) Council noted the income & expenditure sheets to date for 2018-19.

b) Council approved expenditure amounting to £1,318.70.

2053 Date of the next Meeting

There being no other business the meeting ended at 19.45pm. The next meeting will be held on Monday 25th March 2019.

25th March 2019

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