Walking and Running

We are fortunate to have some beautifully picturesque areas in Wyre Forest in which to walk. Whether you walk to get somewhere or just to enjoy your surroundings, prefer to walk with a guide or do your own thing we have brought together a selection of links and information for you to explore. 


Best Foot Forward Walking Groups

The walks are easy country and town walks designed to allow you to develop a regular walking habit to improve health, meet new people and become part of a social group with similar intentions. All you need to do is to turn up with suitable clothing to match the day’s weather conditions. There are 3 levels of walks available. Visit the Best Foot Forward website

Try Walking for Health's walk finder to help find a suitable walk for you.

Fitness Trails

We have installed fitness trails on Burlish Top Nature Reserve, The Kingsway, Stourport On Severn and Hurcott Pools and Wood, Hurcott Road, Kidderminster.

The trails include an introductory board at the start and other boards marking 'stations' along the way where you will find exercise tips and suggestions. 

The project is part of a Lottery Grant from Sport England. The aim of the trail is to get people more physically active. You don't need an instructor or guide as the boards will take you through warm ups, the route and cool downs.

Other walking routes...

There are a number of waymarked routes in the district including those in Wyre Forest, the Ribbesford Circular Trail, Hartlebury Village Circular Walk, Bewdley River and Rail Circular Walk, parts of the Worcestershire Way and Severn Way as well as a number of unnamed routes all clearly marked.

Worcestershire County Council have produced a map of walking and cycling routes for each district in the county.

Health walks in Worcestershire.


Running is free, you can do it anywhere, and it burns more calories than any other mainstream exercise. It's also an excellent way of getting out and about in our beautiful countryside.

Running tips for beginners from the NHS