Nature Reserves

We manage a number of sites across Wyre Forest - view on Google Maps. For detailed information on the location and habitat of each site select the site from the list below.

Spennells Valley   Rifle Range SSSI
Hurcott Pool and Woods SSSI   Habberley Valley Local Nature Reserve
Stourvale Nature Reserve   Vicarage Farm
Puxton Marsh      Redstone Marsh Local Nature Reserve
Blakemarsh Local Nature Reserve   Moorhall Marsh Local Nature Reserve
Half Crown Wood Local Nature Reserve   Riverside Conservation Area
Burlish Top    

We often get asked what people can do/bring onto a reserve. To ensure the enjoyment of these areas for everyone please abide by the following notes and rules:

Parking and access

  • All the nature reserves are free to visit and all car parking when available is free.
  • It is illegal to access the nature reserves with motorised vehicles apart from disabled carriages (disabled visitors may drive into Habberley Valley on the marked track to park at the designated disabled visitors car park).
  • Horse access is allowed on the designated bridleways only.
  • Cycle access is permitted on the designated cycle paths at Burlish Top and as a means to access the other reserves. Hurcott Pool has designated cycle parking.


  • Visitors are always welcome to visit the reserves on foot and in the company of their dog.
  • We do though ask that you keep your dog under control and clear up any mess after them. Most reserves will have a dog waste bin.

Grazing animal areas

  • When cattle are grazing the reserves, please keep your animals under close control. In the unlikely event you are chased by cattle, please let your dog run free.
  • If you enter into the areas being grazed, which you are welcome to do so in most cases, please wash your hands before eating, and ensure that any accompanying children do the same.
  • Please close all gates and let as know immediately if you come across damage to either the fencing or the gates if there is a risk of an animal escaping.


  • Please note none of the reserves have any toilet facilities

Picnics and leisure activities

  • Picnicking is welcomed. However it is recommended that when the sites are being grazed you restrict this activity to areas of the reserve where the animals do not have access.
  • Running and other forms of aerobic exercise is welcome on the reserves, there are even suggested fitness routes on Burlish Top and Hurcott Pool to get you started.  View suggested  fitness routes
  • Please if possible keep to the paths to minimise disturbance to the wildlife.
  • Many of the nature reserves have areas of wildlife sensitive grassland hence it is not appropriate to play ball games on the nature reserves. The district has many fine parks and open spaces where ball sports and other more structured forms of recreation are welcomed.
  • There are no litter bins on any of the reserves so please take your litter home.
  • No fires or BBQs are allowed on any of the sites. Please report all fires to the fire brigade.
  • Shooting, trapping and any other form of hunting activity is illegal and legal proceeding will be pursued against anyone engaged in such activities.
  • Metal detecting is not permitted on any of our sites.
  • You are not permitted to operate remote control vehicles on the reserves.
  • Kite flying is welcome but please be advised many of the reserves have over head high voltage power lines.
  • Some of the sites have rock outcrops. Please do not climb as they can be dangerous and climbing and descending with aid of a rope is not allowed.
  • Fishing is in general not permitted other than in areas where it is regulated through permits. Please contact us for further information.
  • You are not permitted to erect any structure such as a tent on the reserve, even for short periods, without prior consent.
  • If you wish to use the nature reserve for an event such as orienteering, children’s parties, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


  • Habberley valley is home to some elderly residents and we would ask that you could keep noise levels to a minimum around these properties first thing in the morning and after dusk. In much of the same way as you would expect people to behave in your street.
  • Nature reserves are peaceful and quiet places so we ask all visitors to help keep them that way by not operating musical amplification equipment or letting off fireworks etc.

Health and Safety

  • Please report any fires to the fire brigade.
  • Please close all gates and let as know immediately if you come across damage to either the fencing or the gates if there is a risk of an animal escaping.
  • Unfortunately, our health and safety policy requires staff to ask people not to indulge in the construction of rope swings, partake in tree climbing, swimming in the water bodies or accessing onto any ice.


  • Do not take any flowers, plants or other wildlife from the reserves in many cases this will be illegal and leave you open to criminal prosecution.
  • You are not permitted to use the reserves to sell or conduct commercial activities.