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Current Conservation projects

Each year the Ranger Service will try to tackle some of the larger areas of conservation concern on the nature reserves. What these projects are will frequently depend on us being able to attract help from partners and/or through the acquisition of grant funding, hence the below list represents our aspirations for the coming season.

Habberley Valley (November 2020)

Thinning of the woodland to increase light and encourage ground flora. Timber is mostly being left to add habitat for beetles and other invertebrates. This work has to be done without the use of large machinery to prevent compaction of the soil which would cause long term damage to the valleys sub-terranian wildlife.

Rifle Range (December 2020)

Removal of the tree species from within the hedgelines across the reserve. This maintains the gorse scrub and Thorn as good nesting habitat for the bird species such as Yellow Hammer and Stonechat. There will be some mowing of woody species that are encroaching onto the meadows.

Burlish Top (December 2020)

Once the cattle have completed their graze, there will be some mowing of woody species such as broom, Birch and Bramble that are encroaching onto the meadow areas. We also hope to create some bee banks this winter to support our populations of solitary bees and wasps while providing areas for wildflowers to set seed.

Burlish Meadows (December 2020 to February 2021)

Work will continue on the newest addition to Burlish Meadows this winter. This area was recently used as a compound for the works being carried out by Severn Trent and used as a landfill site until a few years ago. The site was cleaned up and made safe last winter, we are now about to implement works to improve the biodiversity and public access. December will see us plant 18000 trees, lay out the site to enable an annual meadow mow, improvement to the on-site pond to include additional bankside vegetation, scrapes to encourage solitary bees and wasps. In the new year we will be putting in surfaced trackways and hope to be constructing a car park.

More information on Heathland Restoration Works across the district.

If you are interested in helping or finding out more please see our volunteering page.

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