Garden Waste Collections - saving you time, money, as well as helping the environment


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Our service costs £49.50 for a 240L bin or £34 for a 140L bin for the year, payable by annual invoice, with a £20 fee on signup for new customers. The subscription will automatically renew, unless you cancel it.

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Our garden waste collection service runs from March to December.

All garden waste collected is composted into usable soil conditioner and avoids garden waste being sent to landfill.

Garden waste is not allowed in your regular black bin or your green recycling bin, if it is found in either of these, your bin will not be collected.

Collections in 2020

Collections will restart in March 2020

Check your collection day 

You can sign up at anytime during the year and still receive a years worth of collections. If you are an existing customer and would like an additional bin please call us on 01562 732528.