Outdoor Promotions in Kidderminster Town Centre

Promote your business in Kidderminster’s busy town centre.

We have two prominent locations at £100 per day (concessions available) with excellent visibility and footfall.

Contact Peter Michael, Town Centres Manager on 01562 732534 or 07779 629116 or complete the form below.

Spaces available

Outside Kidderminster Town Hall, Vicar Street

Hori Kidd Town Hall

This is in the busiest part of the town with significant footfall. It is next to bus stops serving several routes and just a few metres from the entrance to Weavers Wharf and Rowland Hill shopping centres and the Post Office. The space is just large enough to take a double decker bus (with careful manoeuvring!) 

The Bullring

Bullring From High Street

The Bullring is also in the town centre opposite the Swan Shopping Centre, near banks and building societies and adjacent to another pedestrian thoroughfare into Weavers Wharf. Bollards adjacent to road can be removed. This location is not available on Thursdays and Saturdays due to the Kidderminster market.

NB. These photographs do not reflect typical footfall.

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