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Guidance notes and application

Street Trading in Wyre Forest

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Food and Safety Requirements for Food Traders

The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006

As a food business operator you must put in place a document a Food Safety Management System. The Food Standards Agency have produced a catering pack Safer Food Better Business SFBB to assist you. You can download this on line from

All food businesses need to be registered with the Local Authority.

See Food Registration 

Or alternatively contact the Food Team on 01905 822799.

The mobile unit must be in good condition, be able to be kept clean and have suitable storage facilities.

The Unit must have an adequate supply of hot and/or cold potable water. The unit must be fitted with a wash hand basin which is solely for food handlers to wash their hands. It must be provided with soap and paper towels or a clean hand towel.

All food handlers must wear suitable, clean protective clothing.

All food handlers must have sufficient training commensurate with their duties. The FSA offers free allergen training and there are numerous on line providers of Basic Food Hygiene L2 which is recommended level for general food handlers. 

All high risk food should be kept stored below 8ºC or above 63ºC during hot holding.

Health and Safety

All gas bottled must be caged to prevent tampering there should be the proper connectors with flash back arrestors. All LPG Installations should be installed and checked by a competent person who is corgi registered.

All electrical equipment must be suitably protected from mechanical, physical damage and adverse weather. Generators must be checked by a competent person. They should be enclosed and segregated from the public with adequate warning sign.

Advice to Mobile Ice Cream Traders

Under the provisions of the Control of Pollution Act 1971:

  • it is an offence to sound your chimes before 12 noon or after 7.00 p.m.
  • it is an offence to sound your chimes at anytime in a way which gives reasonable cause for annoyance.

A mobile ice cream trader may sound chimes, but not:-

  • for longer than 4 seconds at a time
  • more often than once every 3 minutes
  • when the vehicle is stationary
  • when in sight of another vehicle which is trading
  • when within 50 metres of schools (during School Hours), hospitals and places of worship (On Sundays and other recognised days of Worship)
  • more often than once every 2 hours in the same length of street
  • with the volume too loud, i.e. more than 80db(A)


Street trading information and application

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