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The Future High Streets Fund (FHSF) is a Government funding initiative to transform struggling high streets. Kidderminster has been awarded £20.5 million from this fund. The announcement was made on 26 December 2020.

The three approved FHSF projects are all part of the ReWyre visioning – reflecting the need to improve connectivity in the town and redevelop key sites. The three major regeneration projects being enabled by the Future High Streets Fund in Kidderminster are the redevelopment of the Former Magistrates Court, the Bullring area – including the former Crown House site and Worcester Street connectivity improvements.

The Bullring area will create a new gateway into Kidderminster town centre where Crown House once stood. This includes potentially reopening the culverted section (the underground tunnel where the river flows underneath) and combining the Bullring highway space which would create a new multifunctional area that might accommodate the market, and an attractive public area to provide an accessible route into the town centre. There would also be potential to incorporate some short stay parking.

Work has already started on transforming the Bullring area by demolishing Crown House, the office building built in the early 1970. Crown House had been empty for a number of years since the Post Office and emergency dental practice vacated 2016.

The eight-storey building was once rated among the top 10 ugliest buildings in Britain!

ariel view of car parked on large concrete foundation surrounded by roads

Video shows photographs that were captured from June 2019 to March 2020 and 10 Days worth of footage was condensed down to just 2 minutes and 9 seconds!  Audio - song "Walk Through Life Upbeat Energetic Song" by pinkzebra

The demolition has opened up views of the Baxter United Reformed Church and made way for re-development as part of the council’s vision for the re-generation for the town centre.

Funding has been obtained from the Future High Streets Fund to consider the potential of re-opening the River Stour in this area to create a new gateway into the town and a new public space with new bars and cafes to enable visitors to enjoy the water.

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