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Head of Strategic Growth job description and person specification

This is a description of the job as it is constituted at the date shown January 2016. It is the practice of the Council to periodically examine job descriptions, through the Employee Development Review Scheme, and, update them or incorporate any changes to ensure that they reflect the job performed. The procedure will be conducted in consultation with the post holder.

The aim will be to reach agreement on reasonable changes, but if agreement is not possible the Council reserves the right to make changes to your job description.


Job title

Head of Strategic Growth


Economic Prosperity and Place


Housing and Planning Policy


Spot salary £53,000 TBC

Post number

No details


Wyre Forest House, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster


Full time, 37 hours per week, flexi-time - see special conditions

Car allowance

Casual user allowance

Purpose of job

  • To lead and develop the Council’s strategic growth agenda through the delivery of the housing and spatial planning functions in support of the Council’s Corporate Priorities.
  • To innovate and create opportunities to further the Council’s commercialisation and investment opportunities in support of the long term financial strategy of the Council.
  • To assume particular responsibility for the activities outlined within the Corporate Responsibilities and Main Duties & Responsibilities and ensure they are delivered in line with the Councils’ policies and objectives.

Reporting relationships to other posts

The post holder will report directly to the Corporate Director of Economic Prosperity and Place.

The post holder will be responsible for;

  • Conservation,
  • Planning Policy,
  • Land Charges,
  • Private Sector Housing and
  • Strategic Housing Services
  • Health and Sustainability
  • North Worcestershire Water Management

Requirements in relation to experience, education, special qualifications and training

  • Be educated to degree level in a subject which is relevant to the Purpose of the Job.
  • Have attained a significant number of years relevant professional and/or senior managerial experience.
  • Hold corporate membership of a relevant professional body, e.g. CIH, RTPI, RICS.

Corporate responsibilities

  1. To work closely with the Director of Economic Prosperity & Place to establish a robust strategic housing and planning framework to enable the Council to achieve its growth and development ambitions.
  2. To act as the Directorate’s lead officer in the provision of services to support the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people in the district.
  3. To support the Corporate Leadership Team in creating, developing and embedding new and innovative ways of delivering the Council’s services.
  4. To develop new innovation in the delivery of services and generation of income through the use of alternative delivery vehicles and mechanisms to support the Council’s long term financial stability.
  5. To continue to oversee the provision of the North Worcestershire Water Management shared service and to explore and recommend other peer to peer service delivery alternatives.

Main duties and responsibilities

  1. To be responsible for the delivery of the Council’s services in the following areas:
    1. Housing Strategy & Enabling
    2. Homelessness & Housing Advice
    3. Planning Policy
    4. Private Sector Housing
    5. Flood & Water Management
    6. Conservation of the Historic Environment
    7. Health & Sustainability
    8. Land Charges
  2. To ensure that the services for which the post holder is responsible are delivered in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
  3. To determine and implement the most appropriate delivery models for those services for which the postholder is responsible in order to achieve the most optimum level of service within the budget available.
  4. To develop and embed revenue generating opportunities for any of the services for which the postholder is responsible.
  5. To ensure that the postholder and their teams carry out their functions at all times embodying the Council’s values and behaviours.
  6. To be responsible for the well being, motivation and development of officers within the teams for which the postholder is responsible.
  7. To ensure that the services for which the postholder is responsible are affordable within the budgets available.
  8. To deliver the outcomes of externally funded contracts, shared services and other services for which the postholder is responsible e.g. provision of the water management and flooding service on behalf of Worcestershire County Council.
  9. To work in conjunction with colleagues and partners to develop and deliver a range of projects, strategies and services that support the health & wellbeing of residents of the district, especially the vulnerable, including, where relevant, with the wider health economy, social care, children’s’ services, other Local Authorities, Registered Providers, County Council, Developers etc.
  10. To advise the Corporate Leadership Team on the wider societal, legislative, economic and environmental changes and the impact these have on services for which the postholder is responsible.
  11. To carry out any other duties and responsibilities within the scope of the post which may be allocated from time to time by the Director of Economic Prosperity & Place including, in the absence of the Director of Economic Prosperity & Place, acting for him in conjunction with other service managers within the Directorate.

Health and safety statement

As an employee you must comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and affiliated regulations. You are also required to comply with the Council’s Health and Safety Policies and take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and of others.

Special conditions of the post

Special conditions of employment

The normal working week is one of 37 hours but reasonable working hours beyond this will be required in the effective performance of your duties and responsibilities and such working will include attendance at evening meetings and occasional public meetings. Hours worked over and above the standard 37 hours per week will be taken as time off in lieu.

Any special allowances and/or additional emoluments

It is desirable that the postholder provides an appropriate means of transport for use in connection with the duties of this post. Recompense for the use of such transport on official business will not exceed the scale for casual car user allowance provided for in the National Agreement.

You may, therefore, from time to time be required to provide a suitable vehicle and your car insurance should cover you for business use.

Special circumstances of work

The attention of the post holder is drawn to paragraph 70 of the Scheme and Conditions of Service that he/she is not to prepare any plans on behalf of any applicant to this Council for planning and/or Building Regulations.

Person specification

Essential criteria - qualifications

  • Degree in relevant subject area
  • Membership of relevant professional body

Desirable criteria - qualifications

  • Management and/or Leadership qualification

Essential criteria - experience

  • 3 years’ post qualification experience in relevant professional and managerial capacity
  • Clear commitment to continual professional development
  • Sound knowledge of housing and spatial planning principles
  • Competent in use of technology
  • Must be able to demonstrate experience as a ‘strategic thinker’

Desirable criteria - experience

  • 5 years’ post qualification experience in relevant professional and managerial capacity
  • Understanding of commercial approaches to service delivery
  • Involvement in Local Plan policy development
  • Understanding of regeneration principles and development viability

Essential criteria - physical attributes, appearance

  • Good general health and mobility to attend meetings and site visits
  • Clear speaking voice for presentations

Desirable criteria - physical attributes, appearance

  • Good first impression when dealing with partners and/or members of the public

Essential criteria - skills, abilities and knowledge

  • Must embody the competencies of a collaborative leader; as referenced in the 21st Century Public Servant review by the University of Birmingham
  • Must embrace a creative, innovative and commercial approach to delivery of services
  • Must be able to foster good team working across different professions and specialisms
  • Must be able to get the best out of individuals through coaching, training and supporting techniques
  • Must be resourceful and be able to innovate/act on own initiative in a consistent way whilst being responsive to the needs of others
  • Must be able to communicate clearly, concisely and courteously with partners, the public, other professionals, Members and the media; both face to face and by telephone
  • Must be able to prepare and present clear and persuasive presentations and reports to a variety of audiences including elected Members, stakeholders, public sector partners and the public
  • Must be able to read and interpret legislation, policies, guidance and plans
  • Must be able to demonstrate enhanced negotiating skills
  • Must be able to demonstrate sound financial management skills, including budgetary management and procurement experience

Essential criteria - personal qualities

  • Must be able to demonstrate a political awareness reflecting the responsibilities of this post in responding to Members of three authorities
  • Must be able to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
  • Must be able to work with others across a variety of professional disciplines
  • Must be able to demonstrate empathy with others whilst being emotionally resilient
  • Must be willing to attend out of hours Committees and other public and/or business meetings.
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