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Publication scheme 'What our priorities are and how we are doing'

Wyre Forest Forward


What is Wyre Forest Forward?

Wyre Forest Forward is the name of the transformation programme we have been running since 2012.  It is a review of all aspects of the council to ensure we continue to deliver a balanced and sustainable budget in line with the Financial Strategy 2017– 2020 and Efficiency Plan.

Wyre Forest Forward programme has a diverse range of projects which link to the council’s purposes, as described below. You can read the quarterly updates for the Wyre Forest Forward within the Overview and Scrutiny agendas. However it is not just about saving money. It is a comprehensive programme of transformation and includes changing our ways of working and culture to ensure that despite a reduced budget, we are still capable of delivering services of real value to our residents. 

The Wyre Forest Forward programme also helps to deliver the three priorities set out in our Corporate Plan:

  • A safe, clean and green living environment
  • Supporting a successful local economy
  • Good quality and affordable homes for all

The delivery of the corporate plan priorities is also supported by the Council’s values which put our residents at the heart of everything we do. Guided by our purposes, which are grouped into themes of People, Place, Housing, Business, Planning and Enabling, we bring the right service teams together to help meet the needs of our customers as efficiently as possible.

Our values will also help us to achieve our transformation programme as they underpin the way we operate as an organisation. They influence our choices and our behaviours, and are the thread running through everything we do.

How we are changing

The Council has been, and continues to be, under severe financial pressure as set out in the narrative statement of the council’s Statement of Accounts. This has made us look even harder at the value of what we do and how we do it. We are therefore applying an approach called Systems Thinking to improve services by focusing on delivering exactly what the customer wants and at the first point of contact.
This method of transformation and delivery of savings is achieved by:

  • Driving out and reducing waste and failure
  • Improving services to the customer
  • Involving staff in system redesign
  • Using robust measures and clear methods
  • Making decisions based on evidence and data
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