Playareas closed, parks remain open

Our play areas will not be opening on 4 July, we will open the play areas as soon as we have the necessary measures in place to protect users. 

Our park remains open, you must still maintain social distancing guideline recommendations. For more information and guidance on meeting people from outside your household visit

Please help us the keep the district a safe, clean and green environment by taking your litter home.

Riverside Meadows, Bewdley

Riverside Bewdley Crop
The Riverside Meadows at Bewdley cover four areas:

Hacketts Meadow and Gasworks Meadow on the town side of the river and Maggs Meadow and Northwood Lane area on the Wribbenhall side.

The Riverside can be accessed via Dog Lane Car Park.

Facilities and Attractions:

  • Picnic Areas
  • Shrub Beds
  • Naturalised Areas
  • Riverside Walks
  • Large car parks (Hacketts Meadow and Gasworks Meadow side)
  • Enclosed Children’s Play Area (Northwood Lane Area)

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All riverside areas are located near the centre of Bewdley, a busy tourist area.

We strive to keep our parks safe and looking good, however, if you spot a problem with anything in our parks please

Report it Online