Playareas closed, parks remain open

In response to Government guidelines on tackling the spread of Coronavirus, our play areas are now closed (Tuesday 24 March).

Our parks remain open but please remember you should stay at least two metres away from other people. All public gatherings of more than two people, who are not from the same household, have also been stopped.

Please help us the keep the district a safe, clean and green environment by taking your litter home.

Baxter Gardens

Baxter Gardens Goalends Cropped

Baxter Gardens is a small park area off the main A456 Birmingham Road, accessible from either Hurcott Road or Birmingham Road. View on Google Maps.

The park is situated behind the Kidderminster Tennis Club facility.

Facilities and Attractions:

      • Enclosed Children’s Play Area
      • Kickabout area with goal posts
      • Enclosed dog exercise area
      • Outdoor fitness area

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There are also tennis courts and parking for the use of members of Kidderminster Tennis Club contact Customer Services for details.

We strive to keep our parks safe and looking good, however, if you spot a problem with anything in our parks please

Report it Online

Tree Felling - March 2015

A 'Laylandii' conifer is being felled due to its relative size and location. The area in which it sits will be replanted to fit in with the current scheme, so it is likely a hedgerow will continue along the fenceline.

This year we have planted 6 trees in Baxter gardens, and will look at increasing this number as we start to lose trees due to health and safety, and ill health in trees. This will include a more suitable species to replace the conifer we are felling.

Consultation was to properties that were affected by the works, and the local friends group were also informed.

We always look to replace trees with suitable species, and in some cases plant more trees than we have taken out.

If you have any further queries please let us know.