Risk Assessment Information

Risk assessment blank template

Risk Assessment Form – Guidance Notes




Actual Risk

People at Risk

Pre - Control

Risk Rating

Control Measures

Residual Risk Rating


Here is where you enter the type of hazard which might be encountered whilst carrying out the task. Don’t forget long-term hazards.

e.g.; Manual handling.








How people at risk may be harmed. This is where you list the actual harm which could result whilst carrying out the task.

Injury or back pain from handling / lifting awkward items or weights.




Identify people who might be harmed. This could be staff, members of the public, contractors.

Any member of staff (temporary or permanent) who undertakes manual handling.


This means the likelihood of harm and the potential severity of the harm occurring if no control measures are in place.






Once the risks have been assessed, precautions are required to be put in place in order to avoid ‘People at Risk’ being harmed This is where you would list such precautions.

Staff to attend mandatory Manual Handling training.

Use ‘safe lifting’ manual handling techniques at all times.

Prepare areas to be cleaned to ensure lifting / moving of equipment kept to a minimum.



Now that risks have been identified & control measures or precautions put in place, the risk rating (column 4) is now significantly reduced.

This is where you would list the ‘Residual Risk’ which still remains. Remember it is impossible to cover every eventuality.



Name of Assessor:

Name of the person carrying out the risk assessment


Date assessment carried out

Review Date:

Date review assessment is required