Meet the Rangers

The Ranger Service was established in 1991 with the aims:

  • to manage the nature reserves and natural open spaces of the district and enhance the experience of those who visit them.
  • to provide an environmental education service to all aspects of the community within the district.
  • to look for opportunities to enhance the natural environment of the district.

We do this by:

  • forming effective partnerships with other organisations and government bodies, the Ranger Service implements appropriate management works to meet or part meet the national or local biodiversity action plan objectives.
  • working with other organisations and the local community to develop and implement strategies to improve the environment and infrastructure of the nature reserves.
  • developing and where appropriate form partnerships to implement an effective events/education programme to effectively raise the awareness of the importance and significance of the natural environment.

The team has an important part to play in maintaining the natural environment to ensure the rare flora and fauna of our district will survive into the future.

During the summer months, seasonal rangers are employed to assist with the comprehensive summer activity programme we provide.


Paulallen Adamhamilton

Paul Allen

Countryside and Conservation Officer

Adam Hamilton

Biodiversity & Conservation Officer 
Adam _Wright Ollyprice

 Adam Wright

Countryside Ranger

Olly Price

Education Ranger