Support and Funding for Arts Projects

We support organisations in a variety of ways such as advising on funding, sourcing artists, evaluating projects and assisting with event management and publicity.

We also receive support from organisations via joint funding on arts projects and direct help with delivery of events such as Kidderminster Arts Festival.

I would like to have an arts project for my group but do not know where to start?

Please contact Arts Development team to discuss any ideas, no matter how vague the idea may seem.

Where can I get funding for an arts project?

There are a number of sources for funding, depending on the organisation and the proposed activity. In the first instance it is always worth speaking to the Arts Development team.

External funding from the Government and the Lottery may be available for projects being undertaken by community and voluntary organisations.

The Scene is a County Wide initiative bringing a competitive marketing distribution mechanism to arts organisations in the area and beyond with a central Worcester collection point.

We strongly advise a chat with the staff at Direct Publicity. They will be able to discuss print formats, quantities and locations for leaflets before you go to the printers. Your marketing is essential to make your event a success. Direct Publicity can offer you a very competitive distribution service tailored to your needs, to find out more email or call 01865 249473.

Worcestershire County Council

The County Council Arts Team offer a range of grant schemes and also have access to a 'funder finder' which can assist in locating suitable sources of funding for specific groups or activities.

Visit Worcestershire County Council's website.

Elmley Small Grants Arts Fund

This is a grant scheme to support projects that meet the following criteria:

Arts Council England - West Midlands

The Arts Council have a 'Grants to the Arts' scheme for individuals and organisations.
Contact the Arts Council, West Midlands on 0121 631 3121 for further information

Visit the Arts Council England - West Midlands website

More information on local and national funding opportunities can be found in our bi-monthly newsletter -Arts News