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What We Spend and How We Spend It

Each year we have to produce a set of accounts just like any other organisation. The formal document is the Statement of Accounts which sets out the financial aspects of our activities and draws attention to the main characteristics of our financial position. A Summary of Accounts is also available to help you get a better understanding of our finances.

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2014 -2015 


2012-2013 Statement of Accounts (837KB) Summary of Accounts (257KB)
2011-2012 Statement of Accounts (1.2MB) Summary of Accounts (428KB)
2010-2011 Statement of Accounts (2MB)    Summary of Accounts (256KB)

Grant Thornton UK LLP were appointed as auditors to the Council with effect from November 2012, replacing the Audit Commission.

2019-2020 Financial Strategy Budget book

2018-2021 Financial Stategy (3MB)  Budget book (889KB)

2017-2020 Financial Strategy (5MB)     Budget book (1 MB)     Efficiency Plan (25KB)

2016-2019 Financial Strategy (1MB)     Budget book (729 KB)  Efficiency Plan (614KB)

2015-2018 Financial Strategy (2MB)     Budget book (751KB) 

2014-2017 Financial Strategy (1189KB) Budget book (712KB)

2013-2016 Financial Strategy (1640KB) Budget book (641KB) 

The capital programme features in the full Financial Strategy

Annual variance reports appear in the Financial Strategy.
Quarterly variance reports appear within the agenda for the relevant Cabinet meetings.

Expenditure over £500

The reports contained on this page list the invoices paid to suppliers with a value over £500 and are available in both PDF and CSV file formats.

Approval Process

The deadline for approval of the 2014/15 Statement of Accounts was the 30th June 2015.
The Accounts are currently audited by Grant Thornton UK LLP. The audit must be completed and the Accounts published by the 30th September.

Basis of Accounts

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the preparation of the Statement of Accounts in accordance with the Code of Practice of Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom.

Treasury Management Strategy Statement

Treasury Management Strategy Statement 2016-17 (3MB)

Members Allowances, Expenses and Disclosures

Chief Officer Information

Chief Officer Posts and Pay Scales 

Employee Posts and Pay Scales

Structure and Staff

Expenditure on Government Purchasing Consortium credit cards and Chief Executive's Travel, Subsistence Claims 

Tenders and Contracts

Contracts Register

Election expenses

Election expenses are available for inspection for one year after the election.
Requests to view details of expenses must be made in writing to: Wyre Forest District Council, Democratic Services, Wyre Forest House, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster, DY11 7WF.
Requests should give details of:
1) Person/organisation wishing to make the inspection
2) The purpose for which the data will be used

Internal financial regulations

See sections 11 and 12 of our constitution

Procurement procedures

See our Tenders and Contracts webpage
View our Corporate Procurement Strategy

End of Year Financial Reports 

Creditors paid 30 days and under

Creditors paid 30 days and under (csv)

Grants to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations


Grant payments Q1
Grant payments Q1 (csv)


Grant payments 2014/15 Q4 
Grant payments 2014/15 Q4 (csv)