Local Government Transparency Code

In October 2014 the Local Government Transparency Code was published. The document set out a minimum requirement for the publication of data as well as recomended practice. 

Alongside the information required to be published, which can be found below, we also have a duty to publish datasets requested under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. If you have any queries regarding our data please contact us, you can also view our Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Information title Information description summary Publication frequency Publication status
Expenditure over £500  Details of each individual item of expenditure over £500 Mandatory - quarterly Recomended - monthly Monthly publication.

View expenditure over £500 (csv and pdf formats)
Government Procurement Card Transactions Details of every transaction on a Government Procurement Card Quarterly View expenditure on Government Procurement Cards
Procurement Information

Details of every invitation to tender for contacts to provide goods/services with a value over £5000. 

Details of any contract, commissioned activity, purchase order, framework agreement and any other legally enforceable agreement with a value over £5000.


View upcoming contracts

View contracts register

Local Authority Land Details of all land and building assets Annual

View assets schedule Updated 24/10/2019 (csv)

Local Authority Land Additional information about land No requirement

Bewdley Guildhall Lease

Social Housing Asset Value Details of the value of social housing stock that is held in the Housing Revenue Account Annual  Wyre Forest District Council no longer holds any housing stock. All stock was transferred to the Community Housing Group in 2000. 
Grants to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations Details of all grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations Annual

Grant Payments 2015/16 £21,250 
£380.00 Stourport Day Centre,
£2,870.00 Castle Road Day Centre,
£18,000 CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau)

Grant payments Q1
Grant payments Q1 (csv)

Grant payments 2014/15 Q4 

Grant payments 2014/15 Q4 (csv)

Also contained within expenditure over £500 ; Community Leadership Fund

Organisation Chart Organisational chart covering staff in the top 3 levels of the organisation (excluding staff whose salary does not exceed £50,000) Annual View senior officer information
Trade Union Facility Time Names of all trade unions represented, number of representatives on staff and estimates on spending. Annual View Trade Union Facility Time Report
Parking Account Breakdown of income and expediture on the authority's parking account including how any surplus has been spent. Annual

View parking accounts

Parking spaces Number of marked out controlled on and off street parking spaces (or estimate where not marked.  Annual

See parking

Wyre Forest District Council do not control on street parking, we only enforce. 

Senior Salaries Details of salaries and responsibilities for those earning in excess of £50,000. Annual View senior officer information
Constitution Full Council constitution Annual View constitution
Pay mulitple The pay mulitiple defined as the ratio between the highest taxable earnings for the given year and the median earnings figure for the whole authority's workforce.  Annual Contained within the pay policy statement on staff and structure
Fraud Details of numbers of employees and amounts spent on the investigation and prosecution of fraud including number of occasions powers under the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud (Power to Require Information) (England) Regulations 2014 or similar used. Annual Housing Benefit and Council Tax Fraud 2019/20
Waste Contracts Details of exisiting waste collection contracts One off  Nil
Creditors Paid 30 Days and Under Details of Creditors Paid 30 Days and under Annual

Creditors paid 30 days and under 2020/21

Creditors paid 30 days and under 2019/20 CSV

Creditors paid 30 days and under 2019/20

Creditors paid 30 days and under - 2018/19 - CSV

Creditors paid 30 days and under - 2018/19

Creditors paid 30 days and under - 2017/18 - CSV

Creditors paid 30 days and under - 2017/18 

Creditors paid 30 days and under - 2016/17

Creditors paid 30 days and under (csv) - 2016/17

Apprenticeships Details of Apprenticeships 2018/19 Annual


The Prescribed Persons Annual Report Details of The Prescribed Persons Regulations 2017 Annual

The Prescribed Persons (Reports on Disclosures of Information) Regulations 2017

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2018/19 Details of the Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2018/19 Annual

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2019/20