Register to Vote

A new, more secure, system of Individual Electoral Registration has been introduced. We have written to all Wyre Forest district residents to inform them about this change.

You may have queries about your registration and the letter. This webpage aims to help you answer any questions you may have.

My details are on the open register – I want to remove them.

The electoral register lists the names and address of everyone who is registered to vote in public elections. The open register is an extract of electoral register but is not used for public elections. It can be bought by any person, company or organisation. 

Your letter will tell you if your name is on the open register or not. 

You can remove your name from the open register by one of the following methods;

  • Email or use the online form below. You must include your name and address or elector number as we cannot complete your request without these details.
  • contact Customer Services
  • Write to Electoral Services at 
    Wyre Forest District Council
    Wyre Forest House
    Finepoint Way,
    DY11 7WF

I have been asked to provide more details to be registered to vote – what do I need to do?

It is easy to make sure that you remain on the electoral register. Visit and follow the step by step process. This makes clear the information required.

I have been asked to fill in a form about who lives in my home – why?

The Council does not hold a current record of the people living in your home. We need to know who lives at your address to make sure we have a complete list of everyone who is eligible to vote. Once you have completed and returned the form we can send everyone at your address (who is eligible to vote) an individual form to register. You can register to vote online too at but please make sure the form is completed and sent back to the council too. It is important you do this because if you don’t you may be fined £1,000.

I’ve received a letter for someone who no longer lives at this address what should I do?

Please write ‘No longer at this address’ on the envelope and return the letter to Wyre Forest District Council.

There is more information about registering to vote and Individual Electoral Registration on our Electoral Registration webpage.

For more information visit, contact or use our online form.

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