Council Service

Street Naming and Property Numbering

Information we collect

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Details
  • Property ownership

The reasons we use your data

  • Statutory requirements 
  • Service delivery e.g. allocation of street names and property numbers
  • Service improvement and planning
  • Financial transactions

Why we are allowed to use your data

Legal obligation or public task under various UK laws including but not limited to:

Public Health Act 1925
Towns Improvements Clauses Act 1847

Who we can share your data with




We do not share your data as a matter of course during the process of your application, however, if requested we may have to share your data with the following:

  • Judicial Agencies e.g. Courts
  • Police
  • Government Departments
  • Council Tax / Business Rates department

When computers make any decisions about you

Not applicable

When your data gets sent to
other countries

Not applicable