Complaint Against A Councillor - Local Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct

The Council has adopted a Code of Conduct for members. Each parish or town council is also required to adopt a Code of Conduct. If you wish to inspect a Parish Council’s Code of Conduct, you should inspect any website operated by the parish or town council and request the parish clerk to allow you to inspect the parish or town council’s Code of Conduct.

Read section 14 of the Constitution - Code of Conduct

If you want to complain about the conduct of a Member of Wyre Forest District Council or a Member of one of the parish or town councils in the district, you can.

The council can only deal with complaints about the behaviour of a Member. It will not deal with complaints about things that are not covered by the Members’ Code of Conduct. If you make a complaint it must be about why you think a member has not followed the Code of Conduct.

Will I be kept informed?

Once you have made a complaint, you will be told in writing what will happen to it and kept informed throughout the process.

What will happen to my complaint?

Your complaint will be triaged by the council’s Monitoring Officer (the Solicitor to the Council).  If appropriate it will be referred to the Independent Person.  Outcomes from the complaints process can include:

  • No action
  • Mediation
  • Training
  • Apology
  • Some other action

Arrangements for dealing with standards allegations under the Localism Act 2011