Nappy Collection Service (Nappy Bin)

If you have children under 3 in nappies you can subscribe to our nappy collection service. You will get an additional waste bin for nappies collected with your normal household rubbish. The cost of this service is £80 for 3 years (or until the child is 3).

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Nappy Collection Service

Please complete the information below to apply for a nappy bin. Submitting the form will redirect you to make your payment. Once form and payment are received your bin should be delivered within 15 working days.

Nappy Collection Service Terms and Conditions

  • The cost of the service is £80 (no discounts or concessions available).  The service cost covers a three-year period or up until the child’s 3rd birthday, whichever is soonest.
  • The size of the bin provided is 140 litres and will be emptied once a fortnight, alongside the normal rubbish bin. Bins are black, with a yellow lid. Bins remain the property of Wyre Forest District Council. A sticker on the front will indicate the address to which the bin is supplied and its expiration date.
  • Only nappies and wipes can be included in the bin. They must be disposed of in clear/transparent/semi-opaque sacks (either individual or in larger sacks) so that the contents can be seen. Should any other waste type be found, the bin will not be emptied. The service may be removed from repeat offenders with no refund offered.
  • Nappy bins should be placed at the kerbside next to the normal household waste bins on collection day.
  • The nappy bin is provided for use of a particular child whose name and date of birth must be provided. The child must be a permanent resident of the address.
  • Childminders, nurseries etc cannot apply for this service. They must take up a Trade Waste account.
  • Should the child move address the bin should be taken to their new address, if it is within Wyre Forest, and the Council notified for collections to continue. If the child moves outside of the Wyre Forest the service will cease. The council should be notified for the bin to be collected.
  • No refunds will be made for cancellation of service under any circumstances.
  • Should a child suffer from medical waste disposal needs in addition to wearing nappies a medical bin can be supplied at no cost. Proof of condition/medical waste disposal needs may be requested by the Council.
  • Should a bin become broken as a result of vandalism or negligence the customer is responsible for the full replacement and delivery cost of a new bin (at that year's current cost currently £38.00 (2020/2021) (incl VAT). If the bin is broken on collection day as a result of emptying or crew movement the bin will be replaced free of charge. In both cases broken bins must for reported as soon as possible to the Council.
  • If the bin goes missing every effort should be made by the customer to find it. The bins are distinctive to ensure misuse is at a minimum. All new bins are marked with the address to which it is assigned with UV pen as well as the service sticker on the front. Replacement bins cost £38.00 (2020/2021) (incl VAT) each.
  • The nappy waste collection service is an additional discretionary service provided to help large families manage the volume of waste they produce and dispose of by providing a separate receptacle and collection for nappies and baby wipes. The service may be withdrawn or be subject to review by Wyre Forest District Council at any time.
  • Should a younger child be born (or adopted) into the family who also requires the nappy bin service both children’s nappies can be disposed of in the nappy waste bin until its expiration date. To ensure that the bin is not removed when still needed the customer is responsible for updating the records that are on file. The date of expiration can be extended to the maximum 3 years since it was applied for. A £5 admin fee applies. To extend the bins use beyond this time (to cover until the child's 3rd birthday) a further £80 fee needs to be paid.