Report a Problem With Your Bin

Missed bins

Our crews start their rounds at 6am, please make sure your bin is out by then. It is best to put it out the previous evening.

Rounds may change at anytime to take into account roadworks, vehicle maintenance or illness so your bin can be emptied anytime between 6am and 4.30pm.

If your bin hasn't been emptied after 4.30pm please check

  • if your bin has had a yellow or red contamination tag put on it. If it has, please remove the contamination and present your bin again on your next collection day. Crews will not return to empty bins that weren't collected because of contamination. 

You can only report your missed bin if:

  • There isn't a yellow or red tag
  • Your bin was out by 6.00 am on the correct collection day and it is after 4.30pm. You can check your bin collection day here.
  • There was no obstruction or access problem for the collection vehicle.

If we miss your black waste bin we aim to return and collect it in the following few days. If we have missed your green recycling or brown garden waste bin, we unfortunately do not return for these. If you have any extra for the next collection, please put it in an untied bag next to the bin and we will take this too.

Damaged bins

If your bin is accidentally damaged we will either replace or repair the bin.  

Please tell us what the problem is via our online form and we will arrange for someone to come out to you. Please make sure the bin is somewhere accessible for us but not somewhere that would cause and obstruction to road users or neighbours. You can continue to use your bin while you wait for us to come out. We aim to be with you within 10 working days.

Missing/Stolen bins

If the missing bin was a nappy bin and your child is now 3 years of age your bin may have been removed by us as your entitlement has run out. If you would like to reapply for the service please see our updated service terms.

If your bin has gone missing and you have made every effort to find it you can report it using our online form found on this page. New bins cost £38.00 (including VAT) each which includes delivery – we will call you to take payment over the phone. We aim to deliver bins within 10 working days

Information for Private Landlords and Social Housing Landlords

Whether you are an individual or large or small organisation, private or social landlord if you are the registered landlord you are responsible for making sure that

  • The correct allocation of rubbish and recycling bins have been provided for your tenant(s)
  • That the correct bin is used for the type of material being disposed
  • Bin storage areas are kept secure and clear of debris to enable the bins to be emptied

There is a standard bin size allocation provided for all properties. This is based on the size of the property, rather than the number of people in it and is as follows;

  • 140l for rubbish and 140l for recycling for properties of 1 bedroom or less
  • 240l for rubbish and 240l for recycling for properties of 2 bedrooms or more

All bins must only be used for normal household waste and should not include waste originating from a business. A recycling guide is available. Rubbish bins that contain items not classed as normal household waste will not be emptied.

Additionally, bins will only be emptied if the access between the bins and the truck is clear (normally relevant to bins stored in a storage area) ie where residents have left bags of rubbish or bulky items in front of the bins or on top of the bins or where a tenant has parked their car in front of the bin store. For a bin to be emptied the bin lid must be fully closed.

A recycling bin found to be contaminated will not be emptied and it's the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that the contamination is removed for the next scheduled collection.

Where bins have not been emptied by our crew due to the actions of the tenants there will be a re-charge made to return to empty the bin. Landlords may need to clear excess waste from on top of or around the bin or use the councils chargeable bulky waste service before a crew can return to empty the bin(s). Where a recycling bin is contaminated a rubbish collection will need to be sent, also at a cost.

Other problems

If your bin is too large for you you can request a smaller bin below. If you are regularly producing more rubbish or recycling for your bin view our page 'Too much for the bin' for the options available. 

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Report a Problem With Your Rubbish or Recycling Bin

Please give us as much information as possible. If you provide us with contact details we will update you with the action taken.
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