View or Comment on a Planning Application

New public access service for planning applications

We are implementing a new public access system for searching, viewing and commenting on planning applications. Until implementation has been completed we will be operating two systems.

If you are looking for applications pre-2020 or 2020 applications with a reference number 20/0001 to 20/0029 please use the following link;

For 2020 planning applications that have a reference number 20/0030 or greater please use the following link;

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this implementation stage.

If you don’t know the reference number or the exact address, you can also search for planning applications via the council’s online mapping system.  We welcome your comments and will give them careful consideration, but your comments must be:
  • In writing - all letters are placed on file and can be seen by any member of the public when the file becomes a public document.
  • By E-mail - using the online form or e-mail the Development Management Section.
  • Prompt - if you do not write within 21 days you may be too late; the decision may have been made.
  • Relevant - to planning.
Any comments made will be publicly available on the planning application file and may be published on the internet. Anyone can submit a comment on any application, you do not have to have received a letter.


The Council has to decide the planning application in accordance with the Development Plan and any other relevant factors, such as road safety, noise or smells from the development, the loss of trees or open space, damage to wildlife, the appearance of the new buildings, loss of light or privacy and the benefits of the proposal in providing homes of jobs. For further advice see the Development Management Practice Notes, practice note 3 details publicity and consultation on planning applications.

Planning Committee Meetings

Public Speaking at the Planning Committee was introduced in September 2003. For more information see Development Management Practice Note 13 and leaflet 6 - Public Speaking at Planning (Development Management) Committee. 
Details of Planning Committee and relevant documents and agendas are available. 


Your Councillors will be happy to listen to your point of view. However, in order not to prejudice their objectivity they will need a full picture of the facts, and to listen to opposing arguments and consider the planning officers comments and recommendations before they can make a decision.

Site Visits

A planning officer will visit the site and may need to make arrangements to view it from private property. The Committee will also sometimes need to visit a site. On these occasions, Councillors cannot become involved in discussions. They are there only to look, and debate must be left until the meeting.

For more information see the Development Management Practice Notes.